Fun Babysitting Games To Play With Kids

Best Babysitting Games to Play with Kids

Babysitting is a great way to make a good amount of pocket money for young people while growing up. Your neighbors or acquaintances might need someone to look after their toddler or preschooler while they have to go out, and that’s where you can come in and make a quick buck! Word spreads quickly, and before you know it, you might be sitting for multiple houses!

However, it can be challenging sometimes to keep up with the energy of a toddler. You must make sure that you have a long list of games that you can play on the spot to keep the child occupied. We have a list of the best games that you can play with kids while you are babysitting. Some of these fun babysitting games will help you out at your next gig!

Fun Babysitting Games to Entertain Kids

These games will help you with multiple situations! They will help keep the child occupied and not be bored, will give you something to do while you are spending your time there, help you bond with the child and that will increase the likelihood of you being asked to babysit again, and more importantly, it will tire the child and use up his energy! Children often have positive energy, and are fun to be around, so make sure to try out these games with them, and you will definitely have a good time!

Basic Games

Here is a list of a few simple games that you can execute with basic stuff lying around the house. It does not require any preparation, and all you need is the drive to have fun!

1. Shark Attack

Let’s start outdoors by using some hula hoops, or anything circular. Place them in a random pattern on the ground in the backyard, or in any other space. One child will be the “shark”, while the others have to jump on an “island” to safety. The second the shark yells “attack!”, the other kids must try and jump on to the nearest island to avoid being “eaten”.

2. Visit the Zoo

A zoo, or even a petting zoo, is always a hit with kids, and is a great way for them to learn empathy and be able to respect and understand different kinds of animals. This activity will allow you to be able to spend an hour or even an entire day, and requires no planning as such, if those facilities are close to where you are babysitting.

3. Name That Animal

Name that animal is a wonderful kindergarten babysitting game that is played the world over. Deriving inspiration from our previous idea, you can be at home and play charades with the kids, and pretend to be an animal, and get them to guess. This is a game that can turn into something funny very quickly, as kids love adults acting like animals for them to guess.

4. Clean the House

Assign different parts of the house to the kids and yourself, and get them to clean or rearrange parts of it. This could be a shelf or a cupboard, but they must arrange it such that it looks good. You can judge their “clean-ups” once they are done. This is a kind of cleaning game that kids could be into.

Sports Games

In a situation where you are babysitting multiple kids, sports games can come in handy, because it will give the kids the chance to play outdoor games.

1. Backyard Olympics

To execute this, bring anything that is lying around the house, and set them up in the backyard such that it resembles an obstacle course. This could be hula hoops, cushions, trash cans, etc. Time the kids as they run around the obstacles.

2. Scavenger Hunt

Put together a list of objects for the kids to pick up from around the house, and bring back to you. This could be stuff lying all around the house, as well as outside. Make sure to give them a long list, so that they are all occupied for a while.

3. Ultimate Frisbee

Everybody loves tossing a Frisbee! This is a great way to get the kids to bond and have fun together while keeping them engaged. You can change up the game by laying hula hoops on the ground, and getting them to throw the Frisbee into the hoops while awarding points.

4. Any Ball Game

Any kind of ball game is a hit with the kids. This could be kickball, football, basketball, or even plain old catch.

5. Balloon Volleyball

Fill up a balloon with air, and get the kids to play volleyball in the living room. You can play variations of this game by getting them to keep the balloon in the air by blowing at it, and not using their arms or legs.

Creative Development Games

Sometimes, it’s necessary to challenge the minds of young ones. Here are some ideas that are creative in nature.

1. Thumbprint Painting

All you need is some sheets of paper and paint. Allow the children to enjoy themselves with non-toxic paint while they dip their thumbs in them, and make different thumbprint faces. This can also be modified to make other kinds of art using cut vegetables. Most kids love painting, and this will definitely help you utilize some time with them.

2. Chess

This is a brain-boosting game that a lot of kids may not be into – but if they are, it will really help pass a lot of time while helping their cognitive thinking! Chess is an important indoor activity that every child should engage in, to become sharper and improve logical thinking.

3. Party Décor

In case there is a party coming up, and all the materials are at home, get the kids to cut and shape out some stuff for decorations!

4. Make-Believe

This game has no bounds, because it all depends on imagination. Kids could pretend to be fairies who are trapped, and you have 5 minutes to find them. If you really get into it, they will enjoy it a lot as well!

Entertainment Games

Some games can just be played just for the purpose of entertainment. Read on to get some ideas.

1. Music

Music is a great way to bring out the creativity in children. Be it instruments or just singing, kids of all ages love it. Musical games can be played with great ease in any house. This could also include musical chairs, creating an orchestra, or even karaoke.

2. Movie Night

A good way to spend time while babysitting is to watch a movie. All kids love movies, and especially if they are animated. Something kid-friendly will ensure the night goes by quickly.

3. Puppet Show

If you’re prepared, this can be a super hit with the kids. Get the kids to use socks, paper bags, etc. and put on a show!

4. Storytelling

Get one child to say one line about something imaginative, and the next child has to add to it. This way, the kids can end up with a great story that they have come up with.

Bedtime Games

It’s that part of the night, but the kids aren’t sleepy yet? Here are some games that will help you entertain them as well as tire them out to fall asleep.

1. Find the Missing Items

Show the kids some objects from the house by spreading them out on a table. Get them to memorize it, and cover the objects with a towel. Now get them to remember all the items!

2. Eye Spy

This is a simple game that can be played even in bed. It might be bedtime, but sometimes, kids find it hard to fall asleep. Take turns spying something from the room and getting the other to guess what it is!

Babysitting can be a lot of fun, but only if you want it to be. Kids can have a lot of energy to expend, and it is necessary to be able to channel all that energy into something resourceful or fun. Be it simple jokes, or something complicated, like a team sport, there are games and activities for kids of all ages. There are loads of babysitting games to play, and our list is comprehensive enough to be able to help you in most situations. Use this list to help you at your next gig, or when you think you have run out of ideas!

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