Halloween 2024 - 10+ Simple & Creative Halloween Party Games for Kids

10+ Halloween Party Games for Kids for a Spooktacular Time

Have plans to organize perfect Halloween party games to give children a spooktacular time; you have to first scour the stores for the right costume and build up a candy stash which would make Willy Wonka proud. The ultimate idea is not to make the party games scary or send the children home, terrified to go to bed. You would definitely prefer a party where the fun will be there, and memories would be cherished. The party games would involve objects that you already have at your house. Halloween games are always spooktacularly fun and are great for people of all age groups. Some Fang-tastic games for all the family members make the occasion all the more special.

Fun Halloween Party Games Ideas for Kids

The Halloween time is the spookiest time of the year when people are filled with ‘Halloween Spirit’. The actual success of a party lies in planning the kid-friendly Halloween games. Here are some ideas to organize such games that will be a huge win and will also make you a coveted party planner. A frighteningly fun Halloween party is what you would wish to throw. A list of easy –to –assemble games is given below:

1. Mummy Wrap

It can be one of the best spooky Halloween games for kids. The hilarious game gets everyone into the festive mood of Halloween. The aim here is to wrap up a person using a roll of toilet paper and to make him appear as a mummy before the other team. The children run away when the creepy, scary mummy thus created, chases them.

Mummy Wrap

What You Will Need

  • Toilet Paper (loads of it )
  • Scissors (1 for each pair)

How to Play

  1. Pair the kids off, Allot lots of toilet paper for the game to each pair
  2. The pair that wraps the other as a mummy the quickest wins the game
  3. It has to be done perfectly so that the body appears to be absolutely like a mummy
  4. The team which is fastest is also awarded a prize. The game becomes interesting when the mummy tries to chase and scare the little children

2. Guess the Number

There are hundreds of ideas of Halloween games for preschool kids. This game, in particular, is sure to be a big hit for kids and adults alike. It is a great guessing game which can be played in any party. Some Dracula Teeth are kept in a container, and the children are supposed to guess the number right.

What You Will Need

  • A bowl or a container
  • Some Candy corn

How to Play

  1. Take some candy corn (Dracula Teeth) in a container
  2. The participants stand in a line waiting for their turn
  3. Children are to be called one at a time to guess on how many Dracula teeth are in the bowl and the answers are to be recorded
  4. The winner is rewarded with a prize on the basis of the right guess
  5. It sounds like so much fun for the little kids who would play the game

3. Eyeball Toss

Many a time scary Halloween games for kids are organised to create spooktacular time. The game not only refreshes the kids but also improves the reflexes of the child. It is quick to set up and play the game involving little babies. They have to play in pairs, and one will throw the eyeball, and the other is expected to catch the same. It is a game about a good partnership.

Eyeball Toss

What You Will Need

  • Some Solo cups
  • Some Green grapes (eyeballs)
  • Blindfold arrangement (a handkerchief or a long sock)

How to Play

  1. The game requires two kids in each team. One child is to be blindfolded and turned around to face away from his partner
  2. The other partner needs to hold a solo cup. The teammate who is blindfolded has to toss an eyeball over his shoulder which the other child should try to catch
  3. The team which catches the most eyeballs is declared the winner
  4. Very young kids can play without the blindfold. It is such an adorable game for the young kids.

4. The Witches’ Limbo

The Witches’ Limbo

The game is full of zest and vigour which can be a hit in any Halloween party. This brilliant ghostly game is perfect to be played with all family members and friends. All vibrantly attired kids are made to go under the broom. If it happens to touch any part of the body, then the child is made to sit in a cauldron.

What You Will Need

  • A broom
  • Some Halloween decorations
  • Halloween music
  • A dark cauldron

How to Play

  1. Kids should be dressed up in costumes, and then the Halloween music should be played
  2. A broom should be decorated and all the kids, by turns, should be asked to line up and then they should go under the broom, one at a time
  3. If any part of the body of the participants touches the witches’ broom, they will be asked to sit in a bubbling cauldron
  4. A dark cauldron would be required to fit the children in
  5. The last child who is left to defeat the lowering of the broom is announced as the winner.

5. Pirate Jack’s Right Eye

It is an entertaining indoor Halloween game for kids that help to improve balance and gait. Apart from entertainment, the game can infuse enthusiasm and zeal. The child will be expected to balance a cookie on his eyes and has to eat it with his hands at the back. What a challenge it is!

Pirate Jack’s Right Eye

What You Will Need

  • Round cookies

How to Play

  1. A round cookie is to be placed over each child’s eye
  2. The first to eat the cookie with his hands behind the back is declared the winner
  3. It is quite difficult to eat the cookie in one minute without using hands
  4. The child is to be disqualified if the cookie falls off the face. It is so easy to play and so much fun to see the small kids trying to balance the cookie

6. Frankenstein’s Cafe

A game to guess and eat as well is perfect Halloween food game for kidsAny Halloween party can be so much more engaging with such kinds of games for the little ones. The little ones have to touch, feel and taste the dishes to guess the name of the dish.

What You Will Need

  • Creative food
  • A handkerchief or a long sock for blindfolding

How to Play

  1. The kids are to be made to sit around a table where several kinds of Frankenstein’s Halloween Specials are displayed
  2. The Specials can be Dracula Teeth made with candy corn, Toxic Waste made up of Green Macaroni and cheese, Eyeballs made of grapes and Witches finger with hotdogs
  3. A child who is blindfolded will be served some of the Specials
  4. The child must touch and feel and eat each Special and guess the dish
  5. The child who is not blindfolded, i.e. the partner, has to write down all the guesses
  6. The kid with highest right answers wins the game
  7. The partners can be switched, and different food items can be used to continue the game

7. Pumpkin Bowling

It is a spooky Halloween game for kids which can double up the entertainment quotient. It is a perfect outdoor Halloween game for kidsThe children have to bowl into the stacked pins to knock them down to keep adding points. It is quite a challenging game, but kids love to take up challenges.

Pumpkin Bowling

What You Will Need

  • Some Pumpkins
  • A Black Marker
  • 6 toilet paper rolls

How to Play

  1. With the help of the white toilet paper rolls bowling pins are to be created
  2. Spooky ghosts can be created by drawing the eyes and a mouth on the pins
  3. Using a pumpkin, the child has to bowl into the stacked pins
  4. The pins knocked down with a scary ghost face drawn on them are awarded 4 points, and the pins knocked down with a happy face are worth 3 points
  5. The child who scores the highest points based on the worth of the pins knocked down is declared the winner

8. Hut Hut Hoop

This game is a lively and creative game to make the party fun memorable. It will keep all the children excitedly entertained. A zombie style football attracts children, and they love to play the game to test if they can score goals for their teams.

What You Will Need

  • Hula Hoops
  • A Toilet paper roll

How to Play

  1. Make use of the ghostly toilet paper as a football
  2. It is a game of football in a zombie style
  3. Instead of making a traditional field goal, two children are to be made to stand on each end with the hula hoop
  4. The team which scores a number of goals wins the outdoor Halloween game.
  5. To make the game spooktacular, children can wear their favourite costume and make the game look scarier

9. Pumpkin Stack Relay Race

This game full of agility for young fitness freaks. It is a wonderful idea of a party game challenging yet easy to play. Children have to race up and down and also stack the pumpkins on reaching the table. Though not easy, it is quite a popular game for all kids to play.

Pumpkin Stack Relay Race

What You Will Need

  • A table
  • A Table Coordinator
  • Some mini pumpkins

How to Play

  1. The game requires two teams of four or more kids
  2. A table has to be set up with 5 mini pumpkins
  3. Each child will require to race down to the table and stack the pumpkins and race back to the starting point
  4. If the stacked pumpkins fall, they will have to be re-stacked
  5. The team which gets 3 or more cycles of pumpkin stacking successfully is declared the winner
  6. The table coordinator is responsible for unstacking the pumpkins to keep the table ready for the next participant
  7. It is a great party game idea for the little ones

10. Bobbing for Doughnuts

Bobbing for Doughnuts

This is a great fun game for children to eat and enjoy the Halloween party. When both the things children love are packed in one, it becomes the most sought-after game for a Halloween party. The little ones are supposed to eat the hanging doughnuts keeping their hands at the back. Not at all an easy venture for the kids but as you know, kids love to prove their mettle in every game by trying their best.

What You Will Need

  • Two chairs or trees
  • A Rope
  • Some Doughnuts

How to Play

  1. Take two chairs and tie a rope between them for very small kids
  2. For older kids, tie a rope between two trees high enough for children to reach
  3. Tie two doughnuts about 12 inches apart on the rope
  4. The children need to keep their hands at the back and begin only when a signal is given
  5. The one who finishes eating the doughnut in one minute is awarded a prize for winning
  6. The child has to be disqualified if the doughnut falls off the rope before finishing

11. Webbed Spider Fling

A captivating blend of challenge and the Halloween aura, this game sees children flinging toy spiders onto a hand-crafted web. A delightful way to hone their aim and soak in the festivity.

What You Will Need

  • String (to craft a makeshift web)
  • Adhesive tape or thumbtacks
  • Toy spiders

How to Play

  1. Design a makeshift web on a vertical surface, like a wall or board, using the string and either adhesive tape or thumbtacks.
  2. Position the children at a designated starting line.
  3. Offer each child three tries to land the spiders onto the web.
  4. The objective is to secure as many spiders to the web as feasible.
  5. Rewards await the child with the highest spider count on the web.

12. Mystical Map Quest

Nothing elevates the excitement of Halloween quite like a mystery-filled treasure hunt. Kids decode enigmatic hints to unearth the hidden ‘phantom treasure’. An engrossing activity to fuel their curiosity and sense of adventure.

What You Will Need

  • Mysterious hints jotted on aged paper
  • Halloween-themed mini prizes or treats as the treasure
  • Thematic props or decorations to boost the ambiance

How to Play

  1. Scatter a series of cryptic hints around the party locale. Ensure each hint navigates them closer to the next, culminating in the grand ‘phantom treasure’.
  2. Segregate the children into squads or allow solo participation.
  3. Hand over the inaugural hint and let the thrilling quest commence!
  4. A special prize awaits the child or group that first locates the treasure.
  5. Enhance the allure by integrating thematic decorations at clue junctures or interspersing surprise elements.

Halloween Party Games are a big part of great family memories. The best part about these fun games is that they are all kid friendly and can be altered to accommodate and suit any age group. The cute costumes and lots of goodies add zing to the party. The Halloween Party Games can provide loads of joy and crank the fun up a few notches with such amazing and crowd-pleasing games. The most awaited part of a Halloween Party is, no doubt, the bursting of a Piñata and be showered with lots and lots of candies and goodies. The Halloween Party games are a perfect occasion to bring creativity to the fore in terms of dressing up in various costumes, decorating pumpkins with lights, playing different games, thus collecting memories to cherish forever. The ghoulish games, tricks, and treats after playing the brilliant ghostly games, fill the children with satisfaction and pleasant memories.

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