Review: Babyhug Rai (Mustard) Seed Filled Pillow in Rectangle Shape for Babies

Review: Babyhug Rai (Mustard) Seed Filled Pillow in Rectangle Shape for Babies

Parenting and bringing up a baby comes with taking the utmost care, safety, and responsibility. We became parents in 2020, and welcoming our baby with a silver spoon was a lovely moment for my husband and me. We were happy, but at the same time, we were nervous with regard to the safety of our baby. It is said that the baby’s head must be kept straight for proper formation, or it might hurt the baby. My mother suggested to me to use a mustard seed filled pillow, so I had to check it on my favorite website that is

After I received this product, I have to say it has become a peace maker for me. It is a very useful product, and it gives comfort to my baby while sleeping. The best thing that I like about this pillow is that the mustard seeds get evenly distributed, which adjust the pressure on the head. Because of the elevated position of the head, the breathing activity is normal, and there is reduced pressure on the stomach.

Earlier, our baby used to sleep without a pillow, and his head used to be on a flat surface. We had frequently noticed that while he was asleep, a nasal sound was generated while he is breathing. After using this Babyhug pillow, his head is slightly lifted upwards, and we have noticed that the nasal sound has disappeared. The Babyhug mustard seed pillow has also reduced the colic pain of our baby. His sleeping posture has changed, and the pressure on the stomach has reduced.

Post using this pillow, we have found that our baby sleeps very peacefully. The extra soft cotton cover makes sure there is no sweat beneath the baby’s head, making him more comfortable.

We definitely recommend that all new parents use this product for their babies, and help them to sleep comfortably!

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