Bond Between the Father and the Child Is Responsible for a Healthy Family Environment!

Bond Between the Father and the Child Is Responsible for a Healthy Family Environment!

It is important for a mother to develop a strong bond with her baby, but it is also essential for the father to have a deep connection with the baby. But the question arises – how can the father bond with the child when he does not have the capabilities like the mother. Eventually, yes, the father can develop his bond with the child by spending quality time together.

Moreover, there are some facts and studies that infer children who were more connected to their fathers perform better academically, are more confident and can handle things or stress more easily.

Some studies show that babies can recognise their fathers from the time they are in the womb. The bond between both of them leads to a healthy environment for the entire family. The father-child bond also relaxes the mom’s duties. As it turns, the mother feels good about her partner. This can be done by sharing some duty with the mom, spending play and tummy time with the baby and engaging them with physical and mental activities once the child is old enough.

The father simply can bond with the baby initially by eye contact or talking to the baby, playing peekaboo or exchanging smiles. This is the way one can easily bond with his child. Although it is common for the mother to take care of her child’s every need, the father should also help the child to go to sleep by cuddling, singing etc. It can be anything according to their comfort, whenever possible.

The father should be involved in every milestone the child meets, like supporting when the baby is gaining neck control initially, then during the roll-over phase, crawling, standing, etc. Also, any father can do things better by listening to their kids talk about what they have done that whole day or what they learnt before sleep.

Nowadays, fathers seem more friendly with the child. The father-child bond also helps the child learn so many valuable life lessons as fathers encourage kids to overcome challenges through activities like stepping up, cycling, and other outdoor activities or games.

Some other studies say that after the baby is born, the level of cortisol, the hormone that causes stress, increases in fathers. The father-child bond not only helps the two of them connect but also ensures the happiness of the entire family. It also helps the father connect with his family.

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