How to Take Care of Your Crying Baby- Babies Cry for These Reasons

How to Take Care of Your Crying Baby- Babies Cry for These Reasons

Hello mommies,
Extra care should be taken towards infants because as a first-time mommy, we don’t understand why they cry and what is the reason behind their crying.

Reasons for crying in infants:
Babies communicate in early age is through crying, some of the reasons are listed here,
1: Soiled or dirty diapers
2.Too sleepy
3. Hungry tummy
4. Colic pain or Gas pain
5. Irritated because of self hygiene
6. Needing mom’s touch
By considering all these above, mommies have to handle a baby,

Soiled Diapers:
Remove immediately, when the diapers are soiled or wet, and apply diaper rash cream for every diaper change, so that we can prevent diaper rash and wash the bums thoroughly when baby has soiled the diaper. If it is winter, just gently wipe with wet wipes.

Too Sleepy:
As an infant, babies don’t know how to sleep. If they are too sleepy, they start crying, we have to check all possible ways to stop the crying and make them sleep comfortably.

Hungry Tummy:
Hungry tummy means an empty tummy, this makes babies cry. Babies cry suddenly in sleep for milk, when their stomach is empty, so it’s a mommy’s duty to follow exact feeding times.

Colic Pain:
Can’t even explain about colic pain crying, it peaks, baby tummy is in his fist size, some times milk that he takes won’t digest, at that time, he or she gets that pain; to give relief from that pain, mommys have to make baby burp after every feed.

Irritated Because of Self Hygiene:
Infants cry for self-hygiene, we have to keep our babies fresh and clean, if babies are not bathed regularly, they feel uncomfortable and start crying. Don’t stop bathing your infants even in winters, same for mommies because you’re breastfeeding.

Needing Mom’s Touch:
Infants can recognize their mother’s touch from their birth onwards, they need their mom’s touch often, for extra pampering and care, infant needs emotional bonding all the time so that he will be happy and healthy. Mom should carry their infants and make them listen to their heartbeat, so that baby will be emotionally attached to you.

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