Is Being a Parent Simple?

Is Being a Parent Simple?
Anita was married for 6 years now and had a son. Her husband, being mostly busy, left her to be the sole caregiver. Unfortunately, things weren’t going really well between both of them. There was a lot of pressure on her due to single parenting and handling her husband’s routine spurts of anger. But she had found peace in that child, who was the only purpose of her existence.
In the middle of all this, she got to know that she had conceived yet another time. She was disheartened, as she didn’t want to carry this new life. She wasn’t ready to take it up anymore. How will she manage it all alone? All this was sweeping in and out of her mind. So she decided to get the child aborted, but couldn’t gather enough courage to visit a doctor for that. Hence, she tried everything she could to naturally abort the child. However, God had other plans and the child stayed.
This child was born, but with infantile hypertension and an unhealthy heart. He grew up to be a very sensitive individual and suffered from a serious mental disorder. The house was not normal anymore. It echoed with screams and yells of raising a grownup child. Contrary to his brother, he could not lead an absolutely normal life. Though both children had the same parents and a similar upbringing, yet their lives were poles apart.
Why did destiny play this game? Was it just God’s wish or as parents there was a role to be carried out? Does our responsibility towards a child start after he is born or after he is grown up or much before the baby is conceived?
As parents, we need to think with what thoughts we are creating a new life because this new life comes forth with the same energies that we transmit to it. We feel contented providing them with all the basics of life and the motivation to become someone, but do we ever look back and see if that’s ENOUGH?

Share your thoughts as to what you think is a parent’s role before even conceiving the idea of bearing a child…!!

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