All about Weaning for Mothers Worried about Babies Food after 6 Months

All about Weaning for Mothers Worried about Babies Food after 6 Months

WHO has recommended breastfeeding or formula milk exclusively up to 6 months for the betterment of babies, as their digestive system is not ready for accepting semi-solid or solids before 6 months. Congratulations!! 6 months with your munchkin have passed with flying colors. Now comes the most important phase i.e weaning.

To start with, you can introduce your baby to a few spoons of dal ka paani or apple juice.

Things to Keep in Mind

i. While starting with any new food, it’s best if it’s done during the daytime. Start with once daily, then you can increase the quantity. Give the same food for 3 days and see the response.

ii. As you are starting with food, don’t forget to give the baby abundant water. Less water will give constipation to your baby.

iii. Start the food when the baby is in a playful mood. Make him eat when he is ready, don’t force or stress. Keep patience.

iv. I tried Mee-Mee feeding bottle with a spoon, this helped me to manage well.

v. Baby takes time to accept the food.

Consecutively, you can start with chawal ka paani, you can add some vegetables like carrot, pumpkin, lauki, tomato in dal ka paani and-a new dish-dal soup can be prepared. Steamed fruit and vegetables can be added from 7th month.

Don’t add a lot of sugar or salt in baby food, a pinch of it is ok. Instead, jaggery can be added.

Don’t introduce all grains & vegetables together, one at a time is fine.

Once the baby is settled, you can make a schedule to give food 2-3 times a day. Add fibre so that digestion becomes easy. Don’t skip breastmilk or formula feed. Milk plays an important role for babies’ immune system and betterment. Check with your paediatrician in case of allergies.

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