How to Make House Childproof for Little Ones While Crawling?

How to make house childproof for little ones while crawling?

It’s fun to see those tiny bodies of your little ones crawling. They enjoy crawling and exploring things around them. We enjoy to watch them also. It’s necessary that someone observes them while doing that because in crawling process it’s possible they hurt themselves. They just move forward without noticing the objects around them and end up hurting themselves.

Steps to make your house childproof:

1. Put barricades in the no entry spots like kitchen or staircases:

Babies love kitchen as you are there and they are  curious to explore your place and the sounds of utensils. They even love staircase as they can play going up and down. For babies from 8 months to 1.5 years it’s dangerous for them to climb stairs when you aren’t near them. When around you can make them practice. It’s a good idea to install a barricade

2. Keep sharp objects like knives bolts and tools aside in a locked shelf

It’s crucial to keep these stuffs away from babies reach as they can be harmful and life threatening.

3. Don’t use table covers

Table covers looks fancy but when your child is learning to stand it’s a bad idea to have them. They grab everything at their arms reach. While pulling the table cover they may end up dropping hot stuffs and utensils on them. Be careful of that.

4. Avoid play cars or trolleys

Babies hold on to these objects as they seem fascinated but don’t know the danger of the wheels which moves front when they hold on to support and end up falling

5. Cover electrical sockets with childproof covers.

Babies love to play with switches. It’s a good idea to cover them and keep away from child’s reach

6. Don’t put the babies on bed

It’s a great no when babies learn to rollover. The fall could be injurious to babies tiny brain. Instead place baby on some heavy may on floor or put him in his playpen which is safe and they love it too.

So sit back and enjoy your babies tiny moves

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