Why You Should Send Your Child to Daycare

The first thousand days of your child are the building blocks for him. This is the time when a child develops his motor skills. As parents, you should make sure that your child spends this time wisely. I am a working mother; I have a full-time consulting job and I was one of the lucky moms to receive maternity leave for six months, as soon as the bill was passed. My daughter is 3 years old but l starting sending her to daycare when she was just 16 months old. Looking back, I would say that sending her to daycare was one of the best decisions. I will list down 5 top reasons why:

1. Children Learn a Lot With Their Peers

Peer learning is better than any other form of learnings. Children with older siblings learn faster and kids who grow up in the company of other children are happier and healthier. To make sure your little one has a happy group of his own, send him to a good daycare.

2. Kids Learn Through Organised Activities

At home, we often struggle to develop a set routine for our children. We don’t have a set of organised activities for kids as per their age. In a daycare, they have professional staff and they engage kids in activities like sand play, water play, etc that help develop fine and gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination of children.

3. Kids Have Many Toys to Play With

We may be able to afford expensive toys for our little ones, but we can’t (and shouldn’t) buy the whole toy store for them, right? Because kids outgrow their toys soon. Sending a child to a playgroup will let him explore all types of toys, even the big ones like the trampoline or ball pits. And your child will enjoy more when he will have someone to play with.

4. Kids are Exposed to New Places

Most babies and toddlers have stranger anxiety and while we know not all of them will grow up to be public speakers, but we know that they will need to develop their interpersonal and communication skills to succeed in life. So, develop these skills in your child from an early age by sending him to daycare. When you send your child to daycare, he will interact with other children, welcome a new child in the class, get used to a new caregiver, or start listening to the teacher. These little things will teach him to interact with people. He will be assertive when needed.

5. You Will Get Some Alone Time

A little ‘me time’ doesn’t hurt. We are humans and even for non-working moms, it’s good if they can take a nice long shower, enrol for that Zumba class. When you send your child to daycare, you will have some time for yourself. In that time, you can do whatever you want and just relax.

Sending my daughter to an international level preschool cum daycare was one of my best decisions. Kids do learn a lot in daycare.

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