Review of the Babyhug Premium Cotton Bedding Set (Sports Theme) for Infants

Review of the Babyhug Premium Cotton Bedding Set (Sports Theme) for Infants

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 Something major I wanted to do for my child was create a comfortable place for him, so he could sleep and play happily. I wanted his own bed to be like ours so that he would be able to adapt to the comfort of a bed. The premium bedding set from Babyhug fulfilled that need, as my baby found a cosy place that he loves to spend almost every time of his day in. He makes himself comfortable in every place using his mini-bed, and this has made visits from family, friends and relatives easy, as we can travel more often.
My overall take on the Babyhug Premium Cotton Bedding Set is that it is secure and allows for comfortable sleep. Using this, my son never gets irritated or cranky while sleeping as he loves to sleep and cuddle the cute mini-bolsters, which makes his sleep more comfortable and cosy. Also, these bolsters make sure that he is not falling off, making it safe with fewer worries in our minds. Also, the pillow keeps his head intact and stable while sleeping.
What I liked most about the Babyhug Premium Cotton Bedding Set was the fabric that is used, as it is very comfortable to the sensitive skin of a newborn. Also, the internal material is great and does not cause any allergic issues while using the same. With time and washing, the fabric becomes more soft and easy to handle. Also, the add-on was that it was very easy to carry to every place we used to visit with our child. 
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The Babyhug Premium Cotton Bedding Set is soft, cosy and non-allergic. This kid-friendly product can be used regularly. The additional pillows are of great quality and made in such a way that the baby gets his own space to sleep with the comfort of holding it while sleeping, so he never feels that he is sleeping on his own. It reduces the fear of sleeping alone, which is very common in kids.

  • Features- 5
  • Product Design- 5
  • Performance- 5
  • Value for Money- 5
This product has made bedtime super fun for my child, and he loves sleeping in his own bed. I highly recommend the Babyhug Premium Cotton Bedding Set for every kid of this age. It will soon become your child’s favourite bedtime accessory!

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