Autism or Delayed Growth in Kids and the Right Way to Deal With It

Autism or Delayed Growth in Kids and the Right Way to Deal With It

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I am the mother of a 5-year-old child who was diagnosed with a delayed growth issue or borderline autism. My daughter was born with a very good weight and was completely healthy. She did everything right on time like sitting crawling, standing up or walking with support and also teething.

Everything was going perfectly until my daughter turned 1.5 years old. Suddenly, we realised that she has stopped responding to her name, making any kind of eye contact or eating like normal. No matter how many times we kept calling her name, she wouldn’t even bother as if she wasn’t sure that somebody was calling out to her. One of my friends pointed out that by this age, children make proper eye contact and my child is lacking in it, so I should consult a child specialist or psychologist regarding the same.

Being a mother, it was really difficult to accept that my child has some issue, so we enrolled her in school thinking that maybe after going to the school, she would learn to talk and everything would be fine with time. However, we kept hearing the same things from her teachers about how she would not respond or concentrate on anything. Then, we decided finally to take our child to a specialist They ran some tests
on her, and finally she was diagnosed with delayed growth syndrome. She was just two numbers away from being autistic.
It was really difficult for us to understand it initially and accept it as well, but with time, we accepted it and started the kind of classes they advised us to. The doctors also told us how we needed to work on our child to make her learn better with time.
Other than that we did our own research. One big reason for a child being autistic or having a delayed growth syndrome could be if a mother has rubella infection during pregnancy, as there is a slight chance of having an autistic child. With other readings, we found out that homoeopathic medications have a treatment for autism or delayed growth.
If you have a child who is diagnosed with delayed growth syndrome, you can consider homoeopathy after consulting your psychologist or child specialist. It takes some time and shows results slowly, but it definitely works.

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