My Child's Mother - Sometimes Things Don't Come Easy to Us

My Child’s Mother – Sometimes Things Don’t Come Easy to Us

Motherhood is the biggest blessing of all but what if it becomes a nightmare? ? Yes, it did for me. Sometimes,  things don’t come easy to you. The first year of my motherhood was a living hell. Now let me take you back in time when I was eagerly waiting for my bundle of joy. I was looking forward to become a mother when we came to know that we were expecting our first child. My husband and I were very ecstatic about the new arrival.

I felt a bond with my child when he was in my womb but to my utter surprise or rather shock, did not feel anything for him once he was in my hands.  I somehow felt lost. I became a mother but my child didn’t get his mother.  I was only looking after him like a zombie. Then one fine day, I finally gave up and resigned to doing nothing.  This is when we realized that I was struggling with postpartum depression.

The term postpartum depression was unknown to most of the people around us which made me judge myself for not loving my child.  I cursed myself for being such a bad mother and thought of ending my life various times. I cried and cried and slipped into deep depression, but a loving and a supportive husband can do wonders. I was in this condition for more than a year but my husband’s constant support and assurance that I will be back to my normal self soon and  this is just a medical condition and our parents support helped us sail through the tough times. I took to meditation and with positive thinking, battled depression and finally was able to enjoy the biggest blessing- MOTHERHOOD after more than a year of my child’s birth and yes he got his mother back.

It was a period of darkness but as they say there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  So, never give up in life.  I have written this blog for the new mothers who might be struggling with Postpartum depression. Some new mothers go through it because of the hormonal imbalance but just to let you know that there is a light at the end of the darkness.  Now my child is ten years old and I cherish each and every moment with him. Do share your views and experiences with me and follow me to know how to deal with post partum depression if you are going through it. I will share tips and ways to get out of the gloominess that takes over you during this period and reflect upon my journey towards recovery in my next blog.

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