How to Fix a Sexless Marriage

Is a Sexless Marriage Doomed or Possible?

There may have been a time when both of you were all over each other. The sex was great. However, high-power jobs and children may have doused your sexual fire. While some marriages crumble under the strain, some relations survive the ‘dry spell’. So, can a sexless marriage survive?

A marriage without sex could signal the end of the relationship. However, there have been couples who have survived. Both the husband and the wife should be able to find a solution to the problem. Sometimes, it could be more than just sex that’s missing. Here are some of the possible repercussions of a sexless marriage.

The Truth About Sexless Marriages

1. Understanding The Issue

You’ll need to be objective when it comes to pinpointing reasons why you’re in a sexless marriage. Perspective will help you understand what needs to be done to save the marriage. If you’re not willing to put in the effort, your marriage will be doomed. If you cannot handle it yourself, seek the advice of a marriage counsellor. A second opinion and sage advice could save the relationship. Also, try and detach yourself and look at your marriage from the outside. This will let you know how you can fix things. No sex in marriage doesn’t mean a relationship should end.

2. Don’t Give in

If you’re already willing to throw in the towel, do not read this. Lack of sex doesn’t only hinder older couples. Young couples also go through dry spells. Men usually lose interest quicker while all some women do is complain. Not every sex-starved marriage is doomed to fail. If both partners are willing to resolve issues, there is a lot to fight for. If both find other ways to gratify their sexual appetite, you might as well file for divorce. What to do if you find yourself in a sexless marriage? Don’t give in.

3. Express Differently

The problem with marriage is that it forces love to conform to a set standard. Therefore, if a partner cannot tick all the right boxes to make the marriage work, it usually falls apart. Partners have become unforgiving. There is no room to falter. Why should love be only about sex? Find new ways to express your love. Don’t build your relationship on sex. Mutual respect, support and care should be the yardsticks that help you rate your marriage. In time, sex will follow too. Sex is by no means the only way to build a relationship.

4. A Change in Routine

What is sexless marriage? It could also mean a lot of sex without satisfying either partner. If that is the case, you need a change in routine. To keep things exciting and active, schedule regular date nights, or take a short weekend trip without the kids or even find common hobbies to pursue. If there is a problem, talk about it. Little changes can help make a big difference. You can save your marriage from doom.

The first step is acknowledging there is a problem. Finding a solution becomes easier from there. If you’re committed to make the relationship work, invest in it. Don’t let the lack of sex come in the way of true love. There are ways to work around the issue.

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