Child's Developmental Tracker – 4 to 6 Years old milestones

Development Tracker for Preschoolers Aged 4-6 Years

As your little one reaches the age of four, you’ll notice that he has started hearing more and speaking more. He is adding the bulk of words to his vocabulary and is trying to speak bigger and complete sentences.

Now, your preschoolers are more social and know relations such as friends, uncle, aunt, grandparents, etc. They also start realizing emotions and what do feelings like sad, happy, angry, annoyed, etc., mean. You might have noticed that initially when you used to be upset your child didn’t care, but now he has started reacting to expressions and feelings.

Changes during this Stage

Your somewhat calm child is now turning into an energetic, bubbly kid. A lot of changes related to physical, language, cognitive, social, emotional, behavioural, etc., happen during this age.

At 4-5 years Age, your Preschooler

  • Socializes with friends and family
  • Speaks sentences with 3-4 words
  • Understands opposites
  • Can recognize basic colors and shapes
  • Explains how some things work
  • Can speak out names of self, parents
  • Can count till ten
  • Is able to recall a part of the story
  • Can climb, hop
  • Can pretend play

At 5-6 years Age, your Preschooler

  • Is aware of his/her surroundings and knows about things used in home and school
  • Tells longer stories
  • Can take a bath, brush teeth, go to the toilet, etc., under your assistance
  • May try skipping with a rope
  • Is more independent and move around by herself/himself

finger painting kid

  • Can use fork, spoon, kid-safe scissors, and kid-safe knives
  • Can dress/undress or button/unbutton or zip/unzip by self without assistance
  • Takes on skills of finger painting, vegetable painting
  • Is able to write alphabets and numbers
  • Can ask a lot of what-if, who, why questions
  • Sings and dances as per the music beats
  • Is able to ride a bicycle with or without the supporters

A preschooler is still trying to learn about the world and what it really is all about. As a parent, it’s very important to be patient and try answering his queries. In case you do not know the answer of something, be honest and tell him that you’ll let him know later. Sometimes simple practices followed at home can go a long way in making your child a well-behaved kid.

Also, remember the development of an individual highly depends on the environment he/she is growing. So do not worry, or force anything or get irritated if your child is not able to do a task. Just try it with him or consult a doctor if needed.

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