Healthy and Tasty Foods for Babies During Winter

Healthy and Tasty Foods for Babies During Winter

Winter is finally here. This is the season with different food varieties, green vegetables and colourful fruits. When it comes to feeding babies, every mother is super conscious about the nutrition and quality of the ingredients. Babies need special care in winters and there are a few mouth-watering foods which will make your baby happy and healthy.

Here I am discussing a few foods you can feed your baby during winter:

1. Dates: Dates are rich in minerals. You can start giving dates to your baby after 6 months. Give them in a moderate quantity (1 date a day, initially, and increasing it to two per day). Feed your child dates in low quantities, as they can get stuck in his tiny throat. Dates are good for haemoglobin levels as well and will keep your baby warm. They also help resolve stomach issues.

2. Egg: As we all know, eggs are super loaded with protein. You can start feeding eggs after your baby turns 8 months. Feeding eggs 2 or 3 times in a week is sufficient. Make an omelette by adding a few vegetables, salt and black pepper. You can also boil the egg and feed it to him.

3. Fish and chicken: Once your baby is one year old, you can feed him fish or chicken as well. Make sure it is properly cooked. Fish and chicken is full of protein. Fish is very soft and easy to eat, so the baby will definitely love it.

4. Soup: Soup is always a good idea for everyone. Once your baby is on solids, you can start introducing soup. It may be vegetable or chicken soup.

5. Ghee: Desi ghee is full of minerals and really good for babies in a moderate quantity.  You can add ghee in lentils, khichdi, oats and cereal as well.

6. Honey: Once your baby is one year old, you can introduce honey in his diet. Give him half a teaspoon once or twice in a week. It will save him from cold and keep any throat issues away.

These are a few foods that will help your baby stay warm and healthy in these winters. Hope your baby enjoys eating them!

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