Me as a Mother

Have you ever questioned yourself how am l as a mother?
A mother plays so many roles in her life, she is the director of the house, she handles so many task
as a wife, daughter in law, sister in law and above all as a mother.
Playing so many roles sometimes leaves behind me as a mother, my child, my responsibilities, not only raising him, providing him with comforts but also how is he going ahead with his friends, his likes , hobbies, ambitions above all my role to be there for him and support him to show him the right path.

We as parents be strict with them and sometimes even shout at them when they share something that they have done and are guilty of. We should understand that may be they thought we would understand them and that’s why they came to us. This is the point when your child can become your friend, in such situations don’t shout at them instead try to understand them and show them the right path .
In this generation where teenagers are more attracted towards drugs, drinks and all , we as a mother need to handle our child with immense care and teach him how dangerous this can be .

Today teenagers are taking decisions which are shocking, being a parent we must be aware of what our child is going through. There are some problems which they don’t share with us, but if we become there friend, we understand them , we make them comfortable with us ,we can overcome this. Today where depression have become a common problem and drugs an easy substitute to overcome it. We need to understand our child and support him in every walk of life because little negligence can make him move that way.

Everyday some news is flashing the headlines regarding students committing suicide for just a silly reason, if we consider this, a big problem can be solved . So everyday if we spent some time with our children  and know about them, we can change this things . So Let’s wait and check that we playing our role as mother and as a first friend that our child needs in every walk of his life .

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