The Everlasting Gift to Your Child Is Her Name - Choose It Wisely

The Everlasting Gift to Your Child Is Her Name – Choose It Wisely

We often casually ponder over what names we would choose for our kids even before we enter family life. I wanted to call my daughter Priyamvada – ‘the one who speaks good words’. Well, no one would force me otherwise but I could feel it’s too traditional and my family wasn’t very excited about it. I do give a lot of importance to the name of a child as it is what she will carry throughout her life. It is her identity; the first word people will associate her with. Even my name is what makes me feel really good about myself. The purpose is not to make it very difficult, but still unique, just like our personalities. So I spent the 5 days in the hospital browsing the net looking for the most unique name I could gift my baby – it’s my first gift to her, and it would be everlasting.

Nowadays, we have to be careful so the name sounds smart as well. Children should be able to spell and pronounce it easily. My family certainly didn’t want it to be from outside our culture – it was a tough call. Names of flowers and mythological characters, the research was never-ending. I still remember the first name that had come to my mind when I saw her first – it was Meethi – she was just so sweet; as delicate as a flower petal. Even these ideas weren’t helping as the checklist was long. Following the current trends in names puts me off, simply because you will find a majority of kids having the same name. Numerology wasn’t a concern either, because we feel that the person and her family and environment are solely responsible for shaping her future and nothing else.

My mother had longed to call her Durga as her pet name, so I finally started looking for other Goddess names – she finally came to my aid. I came across a very smart name which was neither too traditional nor long, and still uncommon. I was really excited, satisfied and the sense of accomplishment was huge. Now when she tries pronouncing her name, it sounds so beautiful. I really hope she grows up to love her name, and I hope it positively influences her personality.

Love you, my Toshani!

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