My Breastfeeding Journey in My Own Ways and Self Doubts

Breastfeeding is one of those blessings which are created by Almighty to extend that umbilical cord connection between mother and baby. For some, it is an easy breeze, but for some mothers, it’s a struggle that can result in depression and pain. I am amongst one who experienced both.

For me, it was a struggle not because of technical aspects of milk production, flow, breast development, or baby latching, but surprisingly because of my own emotional imbalance. I was blessed with a good flow but I had no idea about expressing milk and saving it or using
it to earn some rest for myself later. I was not aware of how to understand if my baby’s
tummy is full or not. I sometimes put an alarm at night for every two hours so that I
could breastfeed him on time. Strange thoughts came into my mind like what would happen if I would not get up on time? What if my baby will not wake up with hunger? These thoughts make me feel stressed due to which I started giving formula milk to my son. That gave me satisfaction that my baby’s tummy is full, but I was not aware that breastmilk will improve his immunity and will make him strong for a lifetime.

During that time I read a lot online, asked my peer friends and family members too, and gradually came out of it. It took three to four months to come out of these self-doubts, but
everything left guilt somewhere in my heart that due to my own doubts and confusion my baby was not able to get sufficient breast milk.

This was all about my breastfeeding journey. I would like to know about yours. How your breastfeeding journey went or is going and who supported you during your journey. Hope you like my journey. Do share in the comments!

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