Weaning Toddlers the Same as You Wean Yourself - From the Family Pot!

Weaning Toddlers the Same as You Wean Yourself – From the Family Pot!

Hi all, I’m a mom of a 19-month-old baby. My son, by God’s grace, is a good eater!

Yes, for the first six months it was all breastfeeding and formula feeding. After that as a parent it was becoming concerning – what will a toddler eat? What should I make him eat?
Then I researched for traditional weaning methods and didn’t make any list of everything we eat !!

As a family, we eat healthily. So we want our baby to be healthy as well.

  1. So from week 2, I started giving family food from the family pot.

2. We took precautions by eliminating sugar, salt and adding very little spice. We started eating the same way

3. In the second week, we gave the baby one meal with mashed consistency (not grinding) and one snack with some fruits.

4. And we offered our baby a full plate like that of an adult. It got wasted for a few days, but by week 3, he was picking up and eating by himself.

5. Power of self-feeding – as he knows his tummy, he eats by himself and enjoys every meal!

6. Bang on! We started giving variety on variety. He hardly rejected any food because he became a foodie!

7. Most parents say – if the baby has no teeth, how will he eat? But, trust ur baby. He will find his own way. Help him to grow this way!

8. As a parent, you know what’s best for your baby. When your baby will show signs of eating, give it to them. Let them enjoy as we enjoy our food.

9. Introduce spoons and small forks. Let them learn.

10. Eat in front of them. They will do the same as you do.

11. Don’t force-feed or distract feed your baby. He will be full. But there’s no use in his overeating. It will trouble his stomach.

12. Mostly I love my space of eating, so I give my baby a chance to explore each and every texture of food.

13. He will make the floor dirty but will love you much more if you don’t force him/her.

14. When you will see your baby eating by himself, you’ll experience real happiness!

15. No lists and no special diet is needed. Feed your baby what you eat and what your family eats.  

16. Bring a feeding chair. If you can’t your lap is the best feeding chair in the world. Enjoy mealtimes with your toddler. He can’t eat alone as even he/she needs people eating around.

17. Clean the mess and praise your baby’s efforts.

I’m really amazed by this technique. As my baby is a self-feed baby, i allow him to proportion his meals by himself and he is happy and active with a good weight.
More feeds don’t give you good weight but nutritional feeds will definitely give you so.
No using a mobile phone to distract while feeding or no playing with the food to grab his attention. Feed your baby as per their choice. Allow them to love their food.
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