The Night Is Still Young Because the Boss Baby Is Here!

baby awake past bedtime

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Sleep! What’s that supposed to mean?

My little one is 10 months old, and she is a night owl. So, here’s the deal – I have started a bedtime routine, overfed her, not allowed her to nap late in the evenings. I did everything possible, hoping she sleeps during her bedtime. Her idea of bedtime has always been 2:30 am, which sometimes extends to 3 am or 4 am. Who cares, the boss baby is here! I make the rules is what she probably says to herself.

So, while we patiently wait for her to fall asleep, she decides to have some fun. During the waiting period, as I call it, my little darling will pull my hair, roll over like there’s an earthquake and she can’t control her movements, slap her dad’s face constantly and let out her contagious laugh. She even picks up the TV remote and points at the TV, indicating she needs to hear some music cause she loves to dance. It doesn’t end there! She will crawl on us and fall flat on our faces and laugh even louder, and then kiss me all over my face to make up for the chaos she is creating.

Yes, I love it, and I will not deny it by any means. Usually, by then, I am exhausted and still eagerly waiting for her to call it a night. But, she seems to have other plans. I look at the clock anxiously waiting for it to strike two, and when the most awaited moment arrives, and she finally falls asleep, I sit beside her planting kisses on her cheeks watching her sleep peacefully and already miss her and her nighttime madness.

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