Abstract of My Life from the Positive Pink Lines to the Stretch Lines!!

Abstract of My Life from the Positive Pink Lines to the Stretch Lines!!

For my story to be comprehensible, you need to know me first. I am a 4 ft 10-inch girl and I’ve always had a weight below 50 kg. Folks have predicted my delivery to be a C-section even during my first trimester concerning my height. I was only 50 kg during my last scan time so their opinion cannot be blamed. But the trust and support that I got from my family was monumental. Finally the day everyone used to scare me about came. It was on September 4, 2018.  My labour decision was kept on the two sides of weighing machine. Truthfully speaking, none of the doctors and nurses spoke about any complications in my case which gave me the greatest confidence, lying on the hospital bed. The care and support they showered was inexpressible. I was sure that I was going to have a normal delivery. The pain was unendurable. I couldn’t control myself that I yelled at the nurses to operate me and take out the baby. The nurses started laughing at me saying there is no need for an operation for me as the baby was coming down very naturally promoting for a normal delivery. Their laugh at that time made me angry. But the benefit of that was known later only. As they said, everything went normal,  and I held my boy in my arms. A perfectly healthy baby.

Postnatal care was also tremendous, that I forgot the pain very easily. Everything was at ease very soon. I can’t thank each and everyone enough who aided me throughout my labour and delivery.

What a girl requires in the labour room is nothing but a belief in herself that she can do this. Only the light on our face can boost the doctors’ confidence. Height, weight they are all just numbers. You are what you want to be.

Now I am a proud mommy of my prince charming Armaan Adam. Alhamdulillah (Thank God).

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