Language Hygiene for a Child's Oral Health

Language Hygiene for a Child’s Oral Health

Motherhood is the most beautiful gift given to women from the Almighty. Where it is a blessing to have those tiny things in our womb, it’s also a huge responsibility to bring up that little being and turn him into a responsible, empathetic human being.

When a mother speaks to her unborn kid, the link between them grows stronger. Her words instil a sense of love and affection in her infant and aid in developing her baby’s mental comprehension of the language spoken. As a result, when speaking to children, especially those learning to speak, words should be carefully chosen. Our word choices will form the mental word library that they will utilise as they grow up and develop their personalities.

Children emulate their parents and other people’s behaviour and language, so it’s critical to provide them with an excellent linguistic environment in which to grow. As individuals, our children also develop and show the different shades of their moods and temperament. Instead of yelling and passing negative remarks on their way of expressing their anger or disappointment, a parent should try to make the child feel that it’s okay to be angry or upset; however, their feelings can be directed to some productive actions like making a card expressing their feeling. In this way, the child will express their feelings, be creative, and choose appropriate words to describe.

We, as mothers, are always worried and take care of our child’s apparent hygiene. However, language hygiene should also be taken care of the same way because if their innocent word box gets polluted, it can impact their overall personality. Our words today will be their language tomorrow. After all, we are not just raising our daughters or sons; we are expanding our future society.

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