Handmade Is Much More Meaningful, So Why Not Handmade Toys?

Handmade Is Much More Meaningful, So Why Not Handmade Toys?

We know that raising a kid is an expensive affair and not all of us can afford to buy all the toys available in the whole wide world, neither do we have such big warehouses to store them. Also sometimes, we need more advanced or different versions of the same toys just because kids lose interest in them easily. So here are some ideas to make basic toys at home which will not only cheer up your kids but also give them the advantages of store-bought toys and develop creative thinking in them:

  1. Set up different shaped containers like circle and square, and provide different shaped food items like gems for circle, biscuits for square. Have your child sort them in different containers according to shapes, and later eat them. You can also cut fruits in different shapes to make a healthier version and have your kid use a fork to move them around.
  2. Cut out different shapes from a thick foam sheet and paste this sheet on cardboard base. Cut shapes from cardboard and paste pieces of pipes on the shapes to make the handle. Ask your baby to insert cardboard shapes in the foam base.
  3. Collect lots of different sized cardboard boxes and cover them with coloured/ textured sheets and you have a stacking toy ready. Also just remove the lid part before covering and voila! You have a nesting game at hand.
  4. In a multi- muffin pan, just colour the different moulds or put coloured rounds of paper in each mould and give your baby mixed coloured pompoms. You have an engaging sorting toy. To increase difficulty, ask you kid to use tweezers to pick and drop the pompoms.
  5. Take an old cylinder-shaped box (something with a soft lid), and make lots of cuts in it. Now take cardboard, and cut out different breadth sticks from it which can fit into the holes we made earlier in the can. Now decorate and colour sticks with paint and tape. And colour each cut with sticks. A colour sorting game is ready.
  6. Measuring cups make great nesting/stacking toys.
  7. For a number sorting game, take plastic cups and place them upside down. Write numbers on them and make holes big enough to pass a pipe through the bottom of the cup corresponding to the numbers. In this activity your toddler has to fit in pipes into each hole; not only will it increase fine motor skills but also help in teaching numbers. You can also use this by asking your child to put pompoms or marbles in each cup equal to the number written.
  8. Make a circle on a white sheet and draw 4 lines on it, such that you have a circle divided into 8 pieces. Colour each potion with a different colour. Cut out shapes from different coloured felt paper and ask the child to put shapes on the matching colour base sheet. You can make this more interesting by using gems or pizza toppings instead of basic shapes.
  9. You can use your child’s colourful socks as well as ask them to match colours and patterns to make pairs.
  10. You can make sensory bags for little kids as well by filling a Ziploc bag with hair gel and putting small plastic toys in it. Seal the bag really well. The colourful squishy bag will delight your baby.
  11. For an I-spy bag, just fill a transparent bottle with rice and put small plastic animals in it. Seal the lid. Let your baby shake the bottle and find new animals every time.

So, in this way, you can create new toys and find uses of old toys to keep your baby entertained. Just let your creative juices flow. Till then, happy playing!!

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