You Can Conceive, Despite Having PCOS: My Journey

You Can Conceive, Despite Having PCOS: My Journey

Suffering from PCOS (Poly-cystic Ovarian Syndrome) doesn’t mean that you are infertile and can’t conceive naturally. I remember the days when I was continuously gaining weight due to PCOS. Irregular periods, unwanted facial hair, comments from the people around me, and moreover, my own desire to conceive, were a nightmare.

Here, I will be sharing my story with you and I hope this will encourage you to live a healthy life. Just a few months after I got married, I missed my period. Thinking I was pregnant, I went to gynaecologist. To my surprise, I wasn’t pregnant, but instead, was diagnosed with PCOS. The gynaecologist put me on oral contraceptives to treat PCOS, and I blindly started treatment without asking any questions. The treatment was on for two years, after which I was given hormonal treatment for conception, which just messed up my body even more and made me gain a lot of weight. We were very tensed and went to same gynaecologist again, and she prescribed some blood tests and a sonography to be conducted.  When we got the reports, we were informed that I was infertile and couldn’t get pregnant naturally. The doctor suggested IUI, and after three consecutive failures, we stopped the treatment.

Days passed, and I tried to lose weight, which i couldn’t due to lack of awareness. Then, once during a tea break at office, my colleague suggested that I consult an endocrinologist that she recommended.  I went to the doctor and began treatment.

I followed the below practices, along with taking the medicines given by the endocrinologist:

  1. Daily morning walk (7000 to 10000 steps)
  2. Drink ginger water in morning, as it helps to improve metabolism, which leads to faster weight loss
  3. No dairy products
  4. No sugar and artificial sweeteners
  5. No carbs after 7 p.m

With the doctor’s excellent treatment and my will power, I started losing weight, my periods were regularised, and I conceived naturally. Now, I am a happy, confident mommy of a 3 month old, and am writing this to encourage you.

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