Breast Milk – The Best Food in the World and a Boon for Babies

Breast Milk - The Best Food in the World and a Boon for Babies

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My breast milk journey started with my 7-month-old baby boy’s birth. As the delivery was C-section, I could not feed him my milk for the first 24 hours. Then I took my little one close to me and started feeding. Nothing can give you that happiness and satisfaction which you have when you breastfeed your little one. As my nipple was out and bigger in shape, latching was not an issue with my baby.

My baby used to take feeding continuously for 20 to 30 minutes, not at all allowing me to leave him when he was around 1-month-old. I also never made hurried or disrupted or disturbed him while he was feeding. It resulted wonderfully. In just 2.5 months he doubled his birth weight. I never gave him formula or water, just breastfeeding nothing else. We all and whoever visiting us were happily surprised by his weight and development.

My suggestions for breastfeeding moms are to just keep eating healthy food in more quantity and proper intervals. Eat everything except extra spicy food. No need to keep worrying about whether what you eat will impact your baby. It does not happen, as our food does not go to the baby directly. There are many myths about these, just ignore them. I also came to know many facts after I wasted my precious few early months. My body was so weak after delivery, I wanted to eat more, my body needed it, but the elders forced me to eat only selected tasteless items. That initial phase after delivery is indeed a mix of happiness and anxiety, as there are so many things we need to take care of for the little one and ourselves. We don’t get a correct idea when we pass through this phase. Please be well prepared before delivery.

I wish all the very best to all the lovely moms and dads. Happy parenting!

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