Toddlers and Lockdown: How to Handle Both While Staying Indoors

Toddlers and Lockdown: How to Handle Both While Staying Indoors

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Beating boredom is the first rule of toddler lockdown since toddlers are at an age where they tend to get restless and anxious due to inactivity. As they feel more isolated they end up spending more time in front of screens, playing games on phones or watching cartoons on television. Too much screen time can cause a number of issues ranging from health, behaviour, attitude and learning. Thus, as parents, it is our duty to keep our kids engaged in different kind of activities to keep them occupied, improve their focus and let their creative juices flow.

Following are a few suggestive fun activities during the lockdown that require minimalistic effort and require a few items that are usually easily available at every home:

1. Art Activity: Leaf Printing

Things required: A leaf, a plain paper, painting colours, paintbrush, water, and newspaper.

Procedure: Place a newspaper on the surface (table or floor), so that the surface doesn’t get dirty. Now dip your paintbrush in any of your favourite colours and start painting on the inverted side of the leaf where it’s lines are visible and felt. Gently flip the leaf onto the plain paper. Carefully press the leaf. Now peel the leaf off the paper. Repeat the process with different colours.

2. Art Activity: Tear and Paste

Things required: A waste paper, a plain paper, a pencil, and glue.

Procedure: Draw a house or tree or anything on a paper. Let your child tear the waste paper into small pieces. Now ask your child to pick those pieces one by one and glue them and stick on the drawing.

3. Button the Pattern

Things required: A plain paper, pencil, 20 to 30 buttons or chana dal.

Procedure: Draw any pattern like a circle, square, zig-zag etc. on a paper. Now, let the child arrange buttons or chana dal on that pattern. This activity will increase the child’s concentration level.

4. Assembling the Household Items

Here your child will help you in collecting all the empty bottles from all the rooms and keep them in the kitchen. Make this his routine.

5. Folding Napkins

This is also a part of assembling the household items. Teach your child to help you with folding napkins. This will help the child in coordinating his hands and eyes and helps with motor skills development.

6. Arrange or Make Table for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Allow your child to help you in making table and placing plates, spoons, napkins for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This will make him more disciplined.

7. Watering the Plants

During this lockdown, kids are not allowed to step out of their houses at all, which indeed leads to no contact with sunlight and ultimately vitamin D deficiency. Hence, to curb this, make it a habit of your child to water the plants in the balcony twice a day: morning and evening when sunlight is falling in that area. Therefore, this will serve the purpose of being in the sun for at least 2 minutes every day.

8. Pick up the Rubber Bands Activity

Things required: A bowl and water, a straw, and few colourful rubber bands.

Procedure: Take a bowl and fill it 1/4th  with water. Put rubber bands in it. Now ask your child to pick up the specific coloured rubber band with the help of a straw. This will help in improving ‘follow instruction’ skills in your child.

9. Roleplay

Let your child play the role of a chef where he will prepare a sandwich like a bread and butter/jam etc. Take a piece of bread and let your child apply butter or jam with a blunt knife.

The kid can also make lemonade by squeezing lemon with a squeezer on his own in a glass of water. He can pour water on his own. Of course under mother’s or father’s supervision. A child will remain occupied here, and learn something new.

10. Playtime

Spare some time for physical activities with your kid like football, skipping, hide and seek, running, little it exercise etc. if you have enough space in the balcony.

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