When and How to Potty and Pee Train Your Child

When and How to Potty and Pee Train Your Child

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Potty training is something every mother worries about. I am a mother of two kids and they were potty trained by the time they were 1 year old. You must be wondering how?
So let’s begin.

Potty Training

1. When is the right time?
Whenever you as a mother feel you and your child are ready you can start with it. According to my experience, one can start with it when the child has good head support and when their spine is strong enough.

2. How I did it? A step-by-step process.
Every time I realised my child was going to poop in his diaper, I would hold him against my stomach in a squatting position. Gradually he got used to pooping in that position, and later he would ask me to hold him in that position as he would get very uncomfortable while pooping in his diaper.
Now when he started sitting, I would take him to the potty, and whenever he was about to poop I would make him sit on the pot.
It will be a tedious task in the beginning, but gradually when the child will be 8-10 months he will completely stop pooping in his diaper.

3. Take your time.
So I decided to potty train my kids really early, there are mothers who decide to do it later in life and definitely, it’s completely a mother’s choice but the only thing I want to add here is whenever you decide to go down that road, make sure you follow it through. Don’t get interrupted, don’t break the routine in the middle because that confuses the child.

Pee Training

Pee training is a bit tricky, but again I started with my kids really early. I timed his pee schedule and took him to the loo in a squatting position and make a hissing sound.
Every child has his pee schedule. My younger son had a schedule of 10 minutes after his feed. Then he used to take his nap. He didn’t pee during his nap. And as soon as he woke up, he would pee five minutes later, then ten minutes later again.
So by keeping an eye on the watch, I would take him to the washroom where he would pee.

After a few months when he was around 7-8 months old, he started giving signals that he was about to pee by touching himself first. Second, when he was busy in some play he would suddenly stop and look at me for 5-10 seconds and I would know that he was about to pee and every time he would give those signals, I would take him to the washroom.

And thankfully, now at 12 months of age whenever he wants to pee he says ‘mumma susu’.

I hope my experience helped you and I would really love to hear your feedback.

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