Make Healthy Food for Kids During This Pandemic!

Make Healthy Food for Kids During This Pandemic!

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Hey! Being the mom of an 11 month old princess, I want to share some tips and tricks of feeding your baby a healthy and good diet.

Start the day with milk for your kids. I give my daughter formula (I feel that formula is healthier and better than the normal toned milk packet we consume at home).

I don’t believe in a lot of munching or snacking for my kid, so I give her almond paste made of 2 pieces. I also give her milk, and then one and a half hour after that, overnight-soaked dry fruits. I feel that this gives a lot of nutrition and strength to my baby.

Then, for lunch, I serve a bowl of dal mixed with spinach or other veggies, or paneer with lots of veggies. This is to first fill her stomach. Then, I give her a chapati after her bowl of veggies. You can add 1 to 2 spoons of curd to your kid’s veggies. This will build the immune system.
For high tea time, I like to give her a bowl of seasonal fruits. (If your kid doesn’t eat fruits, try serving a little every day, and gradually, he/she will start to like it. You can make it exciting for kids by changing the flavour through some lime juice or chocolate sauce.)
Before dinner, I like to give her a bowl of fresh vegetable soup.  I add all sorts of veggies to her soup, and sometimes paneer or chicken, too. It gives her so much nutrition!
For dinner, I prefer feeding her eggs, chicken, or any other form of protein. It can also be vegetarian, like dalia, khichdi, dal, paneer, quinoa, etc.
I feed her only home-cooked food, as it’s better and healthier. I end her day with formula again, for her sleep time.

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