Life Is all About Saying and Admitting It's Okay!

Life Is all About Saying and Admitting It’s Okay!

It’s okay – The smallest phrase that can create wonders! Yes, it is one of the most important lessons of life, which the kids and even the adults are missing. I think not introducing this ideology to children is the biggest drawback of an education system. And, we, as parents, are equally at fault when we ignore it. Try and remember the last time you actually said it’s okay to something that you did not like. Kids are expected to be good, and parents give it all to their upbringing. But, in this race called life, at times we forget to say – It’s okay!!!

It’s okay if you are doing something that I might not like as it’s not hurting someone. As long as it’s actually not okay, it’s okay!!! It’s okay if you are not able to eat the way I want you to. It’s okay if u don’t sleep when I am tired and desperately want to sleep. It’s okay if you, being a 3-year-old, think about something I am not thinking. It’s okay if you want to play when you are supposed to study. It’s okay if you don’t like numbers much. It’s okay if you want to be with me when I want to do something else. It’s okay if you want my attention, care and warmth. It’s okay if you want to make a chapati instead of reading a book. And, it’s absolutely okay if you fail in anything you do because it’s okay to fail in life. It’s okay to not have as many toys or clothes as your friends. It’s okay to get a “no”, it cannot be and will not be a “yes” every time in life, and so on.

I was wondering what makes a kid of 15 years commit suicide when he or she doesn’t even know the importance of life. And, parents and the educational system both fail here. Because we always teach them to come first in the race of life or some of us have taught to have a position at least even if it’s not first. But, none of us ever teaches them that it is important to be in the race rather being on a position because it’s okay!

It’s okay if you want to arrange things as per your wish and not the given tradition.
Any celebration is the celebration of life; it is not about winning or losing because it’s always the journey that matters the most and makes a difference. So, it’s okay!

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