Daddy Holds His Chottu for the First Time After a Month

He was a little bit afraid to hold chottu during the initial days. Each day, he saw his little one as his incarnation; like a miracle. Each time I ask him to hold chottu, he would say chottu is too small to hold in his arms, and he was scared.

He often sat next to chottu while he was sleeping and kept gazing at him without touching him. He thought he would disturb the little one. Instead, he would let chottu play in his own imagination as he was too small to concentrate on us. Upon insisting, he used to give a gentle touch on his tiny little fingers to see chottu moving his fingers.

When chottu turned 1-month-old, I insisted him to hold chottu and finally  it happened! He held a cyring chottu in his strong arms with utmost pride and some nervousness too. Surprisingly, chottu stopped crying at once and kept looking at his appa. Luckily, that boosted his confidence to hold chottu even more, and I think chottu was not confident because he was holding his appa’s t-shirt for support and rested his head on appa’s cosy chest. I was happy with the sight because mu husband was holding his tiny creation for the first time in 30 days!

I am with chottu 24×7, for the  past 10 months, but he sees his appa at night and during weekends only. However, their bonding is always special. Once his appa is back home from work, chottu would neither come to me nor play with me. He crawls around his appa, leans to his chest, and at times, I can see him pulling his appa’s beard and laughing on seeing his appa’s reaction. Let this play and affection continue forever.

Happy  Father’s Day, my dear hubby!

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