How My Little Gem Changed My Life

How My Little Gem Changed My Life

My journey to motherhood was not easy. I was a rough girl, then I became a loving wife, and then I became an excited mom. After a few months of trying, we got an epiphany from God to change our doctor which seemed his way to make us reach to his plan. After going through the toughest periods in my life and waiting for a child, one fine day, I came to know that a life was growing inside me. Yes, I was pregnant.
From that moment onward, I started dreaming about holding my little one’s hands and walking around.  Whenever I thought about my baby, I felt it was a boy. It was like a sixth sense.

During the last months of pregnancy, despite my physical weakness, I was eager to see him. But God made me wait another four days in the hospital after I experienced pain. That was a false alarm. After some days of waiting in the hospital, we returned home wondering when our little hero was going to make an entry. Even those days in the hospital gave me sweet memories as my husband and I kept planning about how to bring up our baby. Two days later, my water broke, and again I was taken to the hospital.

In the hospital, they gave me medicines for pain.  It was a strange feeling when my loved ones and I waited for the pain to come. After some time, the contractions started and intensified. But my uterus was not expanding as expected. That was when my doctor decided to do a C-section.
In the operation theatre, I had the most beautiful and unforgettable moment of my life. Looking at the face of my little boy, I forgot about my tiredness. After a few minutes, I was sleeping in the postnatal ward, waking up now and then, and thinking about when I will get to take my little one in my arms. After observation in the NICU, my husband held him and gave him to me in my arms, and that was the moment he loved me the most. I realised how my husband watched me lovingly each time I fed our son. He just made us love each other more. Not only my partner but all my dear ones loved me.

My world became as small to me as my little one’s smile. His cries bothered me than anything else or more. Each and every moment spent with him was my dream come true. Waking up each morning to watch this little one sleeping beside me made me realise that this was the life I longed for.

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