How a Father Can Support New Mom in Her New Phase

How a Father Can Support New Mom in Her New Phase

Only mothers themselves are aware of the feelings associated with motherhood. When a woman becomes a mother, she begins taking care of her child as soon as the baby is born, as though she has been doing this for years. The family still believes that my daughter-in-law will manage the baby and housework at the same time, as is customary. Why don’t people believe that the dad’s phase began at the same time as the mom’s?

A father can help a new mom in so many ways-

• He can bring or make food for his wife when she is busy breastfeeding a baby. This will satisfy a mom so much.

• As burping just after breastfeeding is very crucial for newborn, a dad can help with that process.

• As this phase is new for mom, she might sometimes feel low. A dad can encourage and appreciate mom by simply saying that ” You are doing an amazing job.”

• Since the baby feels bonded to the mother from the womb, only a mother is needed. This makes it challenging for a dad to comfort a weeping baby. A dad can assist a mother in this situation by holding the infant close to his  skin to ensure that the child is comfortable and content.

• The infant can be bathed by the father, allowing the mother to take a nap.

• A father can a massage the infant. Many people believe that a man cannot properly perform this task because it is a woman’s job. If so, I would call this a “myth.”

• A mother must take care of the necessities as well as what is in the the kitchen or not. Dad can help her by having supplies on hand.

• A father can entertain a the baby by playing with him or her.

• A father can lull his child to sleep by singing. Again, this is a challenging task since only if mom sings does the infant feel more attached to lullabies. But a little assistance from dad can calm Mom

• A newborn baby can visualise black-and-white images, enabling dad to read books to the child.

• The 24-hour-a-day job is changing nappies or langots. So that the mom can sleep stress-free at night, a dad can change diapers.

• Dad can spoil and surprise mum to make her feel wonderful

• Let mom sleep a little extra as mom gives her whole day to the child

A small help from a dad decreases the stress on the mom. Now a mom can feel that she is not alone. Always keep in mind a child’s responsibility is not of one person.

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