Start Your One-Year-Old Baby's Day with This Yummy Tummy Full Dish

Start Your One-Year-Old Baby’s Day with This Yummy Tummy Full Dish

Oh, morning! It’s time to wake up but what is my lil babu gonna eat now? So muc tension about what to feed our baby every day!?

I a mother of two, a grown-up toddler and a one-year-old baby.

I believe a day should start with a good breakfast so that kids don’t get cranky, irritated, annoyed. This can only happen if their tummy is full.

But from now, dear mommies, you can make this delicious yummy kheer and feed them in the morning. This tummy-full dish is not only delicious and tasty but also full of nutrition.

suji or Rava: semolina floor- Suji is full of iron and potassium. It’s good for heart and improves haemoglobin. It’s a all rounder nutrition.

What You Need

Oats- It’s an easily digestible food and full of fibre which makes babies free from constipation. It contains vitamins, calcium and so many minerals which are necessary for babies’ growth.

Carrot- It is said to be babies’ first food. It has a rich source of vitamins like  K, B6, A, C making it a complete package.

So mommies, not taking too much time, let’s start with the recipe. And new moms or moms-to-be, please read further because I know we keep wondering what to feed them. So here we go!?


  • Suji (rava) -1/4cup
  •  Oats -1/4cup
  • Carrot -1 grated
  • Sugar -organic or powdered jaggery
  •  Ghee -homemade
  • Dry fruit powder (optional)

Note- Ingredient quantities can be maximised or minimised according to your baby’s intake.

Any new recipe should be tried with minimum intake, then increased accordingly.


  • Heat a small baby pressure cooker ( you can also use a pan. I prefer cooker so that everything is properly mixed.)
  • Add a pinch of ghee.
  • Add suji and oats and roast them a little.
  • Add carrot. Mix everything with a spatula.
  • Add 1 cup of water or cow milk or formula milk.
  • Add sugar or jaggery.
  • Put the lid on the cooker. Let 2-3 whistles come and switch off the flame.

Pan-users can let the water boil till the mixture consistency gets thin.

And yummy tummy-full dish is ready.

Serve ur baby this light food to start their days better.

Enjoy ur day? Will be back with some other recipe.?

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