A Magical, Colourful Platter for Babies, With Oodles of Nutrition

A Magical, Colourful Platter for Babies, With Oodles of Nutrition

I am a new mommy whose baby turned one just a week ago. I too am like all other mommies who suffer from baby tantrums. With growing age babies tend to develop taste and therefore it becomes crazy difficult to feed them low spice food which has high nutrition. However, we should also remember that babies do not like to eat the same food repeatedly. They too need a change and if we continue serving them the same food then we all know what do we have in store for us (simply baby leftovers).

I try my level best to give my child different food throughout the week and make sure that I do not repeat it within that week. So, coming to my MAGICAL COLOURFUL PLATTER, it contains nothing but different foods presented in variations so that my baby can eat up the maximum without being fussy.
Let me share a few of them here –

The Vegetable Squad

Take different vegetables such as a floret of a cauliflower, few pieces of diced potato, a piece of pumpkin, half a tomato, half a carrot and a few peas. Boil all the vegetables and simultaneously cook some rice. Once the vegetables are boiled, separate them and put them in different small bowls. At the centre of the plate put some rice in any fashion to attract the child and decorate the bowls around it. Put some salt, black pepper and butter over the vegetables. Now, pair rice with one of the vegetables at a time and try feeding this healthy meal. This not only attracts the child but also the goodness of vegetables infused with rice helps fill their tummy properly.

The Fruity Affair

Similar to the vegetables I have tried giving different fruits to my baby at a time in small portions. However, this has been a game to him as he spoils his dress while trying to eat them on his own. When I give him a bowl of mix fruits, he tries to select the ones on the basis of colour. Though he is too small to identify them, he keeps on trying according to his wish. Therefore, I just supply him with a bowl of goodness and keep an eye on him to see that he eats it to the maximum without wasting much.

These food hacks have been my saviour for so long. I keep on changing the combinations and designs so as to keep him entertained, and luckily it works. Do give this a try and let me know the results.

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