When Is the Right Time for Married Couples to Do Family Planning?

When Is the Right Time for Married Couples to Do Family Planning?

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Well, most of us may face this question at some point. There are numerous expert pieces of advice available online. Before I go any further, let me clarify that I am not a certified professional medical expert. Based on my personal experience, I will share my unique perspective regarding the concept of family planning with you.

So, from a medical standpoint, there are good reasons to start family planning early. However, in today’s society, this is not always achievable. Today’s generation is focused on their careers. We invest time in our education and profession then get married once we are financially sound enough. We wish to enjoy our marital life with our partner when we are married.

Then there’s the primary “Family Planning” decision. Some couples would do it only because of family demands, especially if the marriage is arranged. Few individuals believe in enjoying the first years of marriage before planning a family. Some people get jealous of other couples of similar age who have planned a baby and decide to have one.

But, in my opinion, only the couple has the authority to decide whether or not to have a child. To plan a family, both individuals must be physically, psychologically, emotionally, and financially prepared. Yes, personal conviction is crucial when it comes to being a parent. If one of the partners is not prepared, the other must be patient and give them time. Never put pressure on your partner to make a huge decision. There isn’t a race going on when it comes to family planning. No one has the authority to pass judgement on your family planning decision. Everything revolves around you and your relationship.

Before the baby is born, there is the financial burden of prenatal scans, gynaecologist visits, birthing bills, baby showers, etc. Maternity shoots have recently been a popular choice among many expecting parents. There are also a series of vaccines, paediatric appointments, naming ceremonies, newborn shoots, birthdays, and other events after the baby is born. These additional costs must be taken into account while planning a baby.

Couples completely prepared in all aforementioned areas have a reasonable probability of being effective parents. So there’s no need to rush. Even if you have a 1% doubt, I recommend persevering and giving yourself some time. Parenthood is a wonderful experience, and each parent deserves to cherish every moment.

I wish all of the “Parents To Be” the best of luck, and those who have yet to plan should think about what I’ve shared with you to make an informed decision.

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