When My 6-year-old Daughter Behaved Like a 13-year-old Teen

When My 6-year-old Daughter Changed to a 13-year-old Teen

A few days ago, my 6-year-old daughter and I fell sick. We both had a severe cold and cough. With no one around, we knew that we both were each other’s support. All of a sudden, my notorious munchkin was gone and an understanding girl was in front of me ready to help me, ready to take care of me. At first, I took paracetamol to make sure that if nothing, I can at least get up from the bed. Those 4 days were very tough for both of us, but I knew that someday this might happen. I took a few precautions. Here are the things I kept ready which I would like to share with you.

  1. Maintain a diary. Keep your doctor’s number on it so that your little one can call him/her.
  1. Always keep the necessary medicines just next to your head and tell your little one which one to be given when required.
  1. Buy a water dispenser and fill it with filtered water, keep it at a place where kids can reach easily. This way, kids can take water in need. Keep a couple of glasses and plates handy. Make sure that they are not made of glasses.
  1. Keep the snacks and eateries on the shelf where the kids can reach and eat in case you are not able to get up and feed them.
  1. Tell them to pick your calls.
  1. Teach them to check from the cat’s eye of the door if the bell rings and inform you. If you know the person, let them come and if don’t then avoid answering the door.
  1.  Tell them whom to call during emergency.

These small things help a lot. We should not think that kids don’t understand, they are matured and very understanding. Without my daughter’s support, I would have not been able to manage her. She was ready with her medicines and reminded me to take mine. A couple of days we had to order food from outside, but she ate without uttering a single word. Moms, make your kids your best friend and see they will prove that they are matured irrespective of their age.

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