What I Have Learnt As the Mother of a Newborn

Motherhood is a blessing in a woman’s life. Many women become super excited and imaginative in this phase, and they feel responsible and accountable for all that’s happening to the child. Its almost a roller coaster ride for most of us, as we don’t know if what we are doing is correct or not. We look for validation and run towards paediatricians or experts if we want to buy even the smallest item for our little bundle of joy or if we have seen small things such as a soft spot or milk spill.
I am sailing in the same boat and during this phase, I have come across so many such feelings; love, fear, confusion, etc., that I felt the need to share them.
Disclaimer:  I am not a medical professional and the below-mentioned pointers are as per my experience as a new mom and as per advice from my paediatrician. So, let’s get started
1. Choosing the right diaper: We have always heard from our elders and many other experienced parents that cloth diapers are the best and prevent rashes in newborns. As per my experience, if you invest in good quality diapers and clean your child properly from time to time, you will face no problem. Tip: Invest in a good diaper rash cream and apply it daily on your child’s skin to avoid diaper rash.
2. Clothes for your newborn: We often hear that it is best if the newborn wears old/used clothes. However, I have taken advice from my paediatrician and was recommended that I buy good quality clothes for my baby and wash them in good detergent. I was also told to disinfect them in the last spin with.
3. Giving a massage to the newborn: Often, it is said that newborns should be given a massage as soon as possible. However, as per my doctor, a child should not be given a massage until he/she is 2 weeks old and the umbilical cord has fallen. Also, one should invest in good quality baby oils and lotions.
4. Use of kajal on babies: It is generally said that we should apply kajal on the babies skin to protect them from evil eye. However, as per doctors, use of kajal on babies’ skin should be strictly avoided for at least the first 6 months.
5. Giving water to newborns: It is generally advised that newborns be given water if the weather outside is too hot. This is a myth as per medical science, as mother’s milk is mostly made of water and if we give water to babies, we are, in fact, curbing and interfering with their hunger cycle.
And lastly, my dear mothers, there is no perfect way of bringing up your child. You do you and take your own decision for your child. However, medical and WHO guidelines should always be taken into consideration

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