10 Tips to Treat Heat Rash in Children This Summer

10 Tips to Treat Heat Rash in Children This Summer

Summers can be a very taxing period for your little ones especially, for newborns and toddlers. No doubt, this season brings with itself vacations and mangoes, but it also bring a whole lot of problems like dehydration and skin problems like miliaria rubra, which is commonly know as heat rash. Heat rashes most commonly develop in the skin folds where sweaty skin rubs off against each other resulting in tiny red itchy bumps. However these rashes do not spread to another person on being touched. These rashes are common in the groin area, neck, and armpits. As a doctor, here I am, suggesting some of the ways to help your child from these itchy rashes this summer.

1. Bathe your child with cool water in the morning and evening especially, when he returns home after playing. For an infant, clean the rash area with a towel dipped in cold water if you don’t want to bathe him twice to keep the area sweat-free and clean.

2. Always apply a prickly heat baby powder or dusting powder on the rash to keep it dry at all times.

3. If your child develop a rash, apply fresh aloe vera gel 2 to 3 times a day on the affected area.

4. Make your child wear soft cotton clothes with round necks or V necks. And avoid collared clothes, as they might further aggravate the rash.

5.  Use ice packs to suppress the heat rash. Then let the affected area dry. Later, apply the powder again. If you don’t have an ice pack, you can also take ice cubes in a clean piece of cloth – wrap it then apply on the affected area.

6. Avoid applying oil to the rash as it can further block the sweat ducts.

7. Apply a calamine lotion or a fresh sandalwood paste to cool the affected area.

8. Make sure that your child doesn’t get dehydrated. Give him lemon juice, juices, and coconut water.

9. Don’t allow your kids exercise in hot and humid weather. Also, refrain from sending your kids outdoors during the day time.

10. If the rashes develop into more red itchy tiny blisters then seek your doctors help immediately.

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