My Weight Gain During Pregnancy and How I Lost it Post Delivery


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I have never been a perfect weight, and I’ve spent most of my adult life being either overweight or downright obese. When I learned that I had conceived, the first instinct was not to care about gaining additional weight but to do all necessary for the baby. Thankfully I didn’t have any of the cravings as is popularised in the movies and tv soaps. At the same time, I was also scared since someone told me that most of what an overweight mom eats gets absorbed by the body and doesn’t help the child’s growth. I chose to eat healthy food during pregnancy.
By the end of my 5th month of pregnancy, the doctor told me to put on some weight, which was first for me! The rule was to stick to protein-rich food, which will augment the baby’s growth, rather than bad fats or high sugary foods. However, I was on complete bed rest for most of my pregnancy due to certain complications, so I had to be extra careful.
By the end of my pregnancy, I had put on only 8kgs, which was well within the prescribed standards. Most people are worried that they won’t shed this extra weight quickly, and so every expecting mom has this fear somewhere in the back of her mind that they will have to work extra hard. Flash news – it’s not true!
I shed those extra 8kgs by the 3rd week after delivery. I had a C-section, so exercising wasn’t even an option, but I started moving from the next day itself. It wasn’t easy, and the next day after delivery, I held my breath for each step, but I walked.
Every day got better than the previous, and with breastfeeding and healthy eating coupled with frequent though slow movements, I achieved my pre-pregnancy weight.
I’ve always been overweight and still am, but this tells you that if you have added weight after pregnancy, it’s not due to the pregnancy per se but your eating habits and how much you move.
I remember the doctor put me off bed rest in my 7th month of pregnancy, and I was dusting, sweeping, and mopping in my 8th month (not every day!)
The point is it’s not difficult to lose weight, and you need to watch what you are eating! And you anyway get an additional glow, thanks to your baby…No matter what everyone says, listen to your doctor and start moving from the first day itself. In a nutshell, get ready to rock it!

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