Your Awesome Journey With Your Bundle of Joy and Wonder

Your Awesome Journey With Your Bundle of Joy and Wonder

It is usually said that a mother is also born with a child. I too believe in this fact. Like a baby unaware of the new surroundings it is welcomed into, the same happens to a mother; she’s always confused about choosing the best for her baby,  learning to understand the tiny bundle of joy. The confusion just becomes worse when you yourself are young and everyone around you thinks that you would just mess up everything. 

I stand here inexperienced, new to everything, and with the thought that whether we too will establish the never-ending bond of mom and child – the selfless love, the love without any conditions, the purest bonds ever witnessed by a human soul, a pure relation. These doubts often strike my mind when I sit idle. Like others say, “It’s not everyone’s cup of tea to raise a child without complications. It is too difficult.” Will I too face complicated situations and will I be able to tackle it?

When I imagine the future, I wonder whether I will still remain confused and inexperienced like I stand today. But then I always think that as my baby grows and understands, I too will grow and understand along with my baby in every phase of our beautiful journey which we had started together – him as a newborn bundle of joy, innocence and wonder, and I, as a mother.

I am sure there will be young mothers like me who doubt themselves now and then and question themselves, but just calm yourself and remember that you have completed a long and awesome journey of nine months and experienced the most beautiful moment of childbirth, which is the greatest gift. You stand here more mature, more beautiful, more responsible, and have evolved as a better version of yourself. You are a new you on your new journey as a mother, a role model and a best friend to your little cutie-pie baby!

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