A Perfect Marriage? The Road Is Always Under Construction!

A Perfect Marriage? The Road Is Always Under Construction!

An Indian girl is always brought up with the idea of a perfect, fairytale marriage story, from the time she is born!  She is conditioned in such a manner that she always feels that life after marriage will be a bed of roses, and they will live happily ever after. How many of you will agree? However, any relationship, especially a marriage, is never a perfect one. It has to be tailor-made. Two people have to strive together to make it perfect or better. Here are some simple mantras that I share with you today, in a complicated world, where the institution of marriage has become a complex issue.

Communication: When two people are in a relationship, they assume that some things are to be understood without communicating. It’s a mistake. You have to talk it out to your partner – your feelings, what you want, and your problems. It’s impossible to know the feelings in another person’s heart, as human behavior is unpredictable. So, communicate openly about every small thing that matters to you both. Have an emotional connection; in other words, empathy. Most of your problems will be resolved by communicating effectively.

Share “we” time: All of us are running some kind of a race, where we want to reach a particular goal. Our personal lives go for a toss, without us even realising it. Hence, a couple must take out time for themselves to do the things they love doing. Watch a movie together, get intimate, go for a long drive, or a cozy candle light dinner. It sounds simple, but has a positive impact on the relationship.

Don’t take each other for granted: We often don’t value people who are closest to us. A husband and wife take each other for granted many times. Give importance to and value each other’s presence. Make each other feel special, without any occasion. Say I love you just like that. Cook a meal together. Exchange duties of child care. It will go a long way when you learn to value each other by using these simple gestures.

Accept weaknesses and strengths of each other: As said earlier, perfection is a myth. Everyone has shortcomings. Accepting each other the way they are brings a lot of understanding and compatibility in one another. As we know our partner, we can react, act and handle each other if we know our strengths and weaknesses well. So accept each other!

Ditch the mobile and social media: Excessive use of social media is creating unnecessary tension between couples nowadays. While conversing with our partners, our heads are in the phone rather than in their eyes! Phones are taking away precious moments of love and communication. So keep away the phone after a specific time and pay attention to your partner. It will definitely help.

Appreciate and respect: Last, but not the least, compliment each other for simple things that you do for one another. Appreciation makes a wonderful impact on an individual. Who does not like praise and respect? Respect each other’s work, time, responsibilities, and just the person you’re with! It will go a long long way in making your bond strong and evergreen.

Marriage is always a road under construction, needed to be built with love, respect care, trust, and understanding. To make it a fairy tale ” happily ever after “, work on yourself continuously. Your partner and you are the Boss! Have a wonderful journey of marriage always!

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