Is It the Right Time to Conceive? Not Prepared for It, But It Still Happened

Is It the Right Time to Conceive? Not Prepared for It, But It Still Happened

Hey! Hope you all are doing good, and got vaccinated, too. Today, I am going to discuss the most common problem among women, and I know that almost all women think about it in their lives.

Some women are newly married, or some don’t want to take the responsibility of kids till many years after marriage, so that they can enjoy life post-marriage. But when you make lots of efforts not to conceive as per your plan after marriage, but still get pregnant, then what to do?

We as women know that in this era, our bodies are not as strong as the women in the ’80s. So, firstly, if you get pregnant despite all your planning not to conceive, you should never opt to abort, and never take it as a negative. It will not only affect the body for a future pregnancy, but can also have long-term effects on your mind.

From my experience, I have seen how most of my friends, who had aborted just because they wanted some time after marriage to enjoy themselves without responsibility, are crying for a baby, but unfortunately their bodies got affected by the continuous contraception taken to pause pregnancy for long-term.

If it’s your first pregnancy, then be very kind, at least for the sake of your body,  because in most of the cases, when women abort their first baby, then in future they face many problems. Whatever the situation is, unplanned or not, take your pregnancy as God’s gift, and welcome it in your life. If you are not prepared, then it may take a few days, but you will accept it. After a few months of pregnancy, you will realise that it is the right time to have a baby, because most things can be done afterwards, but this time, the only responsibility is your baby. You can enjoy life, have a job, spend time with your partner once the baby turns 1 or 2 years old.

We should never take a pregnancy as a negative if it happens unplanned, because once you start accepting this unplanned situation, then you will get to know how precious it is, as being a mother doesn’t stop you from working, enjoying, travelling, etc. So, take it and accept it as a plus point in your life, and the rest you will know yourself, about this beautiful journey, once you deliver God’s gift. Mother is the name of God in the lips and heart of little kids.

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