New Moms! Don’t Worry If Your Newborn Has Acne

New Mothers! Don’t Worry If Your Newborn Has Acne

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Hello mommies. As the title says, you new mommies don’t need to worry if your newborn is having acne/pimples. You don’t need to rush to the doctor or other consultants. Just calm down. You might see this acne after few days of your baby’s birth.
These are red spots that might occur in one particular area. This may be due to two reasons.
Number one is the weather. If you have delivered your baby during the summers or when the summers are at their peak, this might cause problems of pimples to your child. The baby may not take that much heat. So one reason is the weather.
The other one could be the items the mother has eaten during her pregnancy, especially in the last month which is the ninth month. Pregnant ladies usually eat a lot of food like pinni, kadha, a lot of ghee, etc. in their ninth month. They eat this so that the chance of having a normal delivery increases. But this type of food can be a reason or I would say this is the only reason behind the pimples your baby gets. After talking about the reasons why this
occurs, it’s time to talk about the solutions.

So now let’s talk about the solution. For this, you need to stop using powder and stop massaging your baby. Do not use any kind of oil on your baby’s body or wherever the pimples are. Once you stop using oil and massaging your baby, you will definitely
see the result within one week.
So this was my story. I hope it might help you if you are facing any problem like this with your baby. Just read this blog and give it a try. I assure you, you’ll definitely see good results. Thank you! Have fun with your baby. God bless!
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