How to Select the Best Diaper for Your Little One - From XS to XL!

How to Select the Best Diaper for Your Little One – From XS to XL!

So you got the diaper that was recommended by a family friend or your best friend, or simply it was the first diaper on the counter, which you added to the hospital bag to keep it handy.

But did you ‘ask’ your little one how did they like it? And how exactly you say one can do that, right? It’s easy! Simply get the smallest pack of diapers of XS or S size (based on your baby’s size) from the 2-3 well-known brands you have researched or been recommended by your folks. And observe which brand of diaper works best for the little one’s skin, is easy to change, and also gives more comfortable nap time to your little munchkin! You should order the jumbo pack right away for the one that works best here!

Generally, I would recommend tape diapers for less than six months, especially from changing perspective. Once they begin to sit and move, the ‘pant’ diapers work better as they leave very few rashes from sizes M to XL.

Do note that size M of a brand could mean size S of the other. Since the brands refer to different standards for marking the sizes (just how two different sizes of two different brands of clothes would fit us), be careful if you switch to another brand of diaper.

So why is it so important to discover the best diaper? Let me help you understand that better with the help of some diaper maths! A diaper, on average, is to be changed at least between 3-4 hours and on-demand in case of poop! So a minimum of 6 diaper changes a day. And they will continue to use the diaper till they are potty trained, which will not be before 24 months of age. So you would have changed closed to 4400 diapers in those first two years! 

So good luck in picking the best diaper for your little one! Leave a comment if you have any diaper queries.

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