Motherhood: A Long-term Phase to Learn, Teach, and Experience Moments

Motherhood: A Long-term Phase to Learn, Teach, and Experience Moments

I am a happy mother of a beautiful nine-month-old baby girl. Pregnancy had been a very smooth journey for me as I did not have any serious complications. I did not face any morning sickness, which I dreaded the most. I regularly took my morning/evening walks, cooked, and did other chores to keep myself physically active. I also kept a check on my diet to keep my unborn baby healthy.

Besides visiting the doctor for regular checkups, I did not miss any articles on pregnancy which kept me up-to-date on the information I needed to be aware of as an expecting mom. My baby was super active inside, which made me want to see her more. My doctor would humorously say that she would keep me on my toes from when she was born. I did not have a craving for any particular food that a pregnant woman usually feels.
My pregnancy happened during the lockdown period in 2020, and my husband, as a frontline worker, was away most of the time. Yet, I never felt lonely as I had my family around me always. My husband and I had a deal that if the baby were a girl, I would give her the name and vice-versa. Fortunately for me, we welcomed a girl, and I proudly called her Adora, the name I had always dreamed of giving to my baby. It means “beloved.”
Adora was born in a hospital on the 10th of September 2020 at 10:45 pm through C-section. The moment I heard her cry, I was overwhelmed with emotion. My joy knew no bounds, and I couldn’t wait to hold her in my arms. My husband brought her to me, and I couldn’t stop but smile and kiss her. It’s been nine months since she was born, but I don’t remember how time flew. She makes me see the positive side of life and keeps me going. She reminds me that God blesses us truly, and we should have faith in Him no matter what.

As I live every day with her, each day is special because I see magical moments in everything she does. She makes me a proud mother, and I try to be a good mother. I try to teach her things I was never taught. I wish to see her grow up as a kind human being who can bring a smile to anyone she comes across, and above all, believe in God.
We, as proud moms, must embrace every opportunity to spend time with our children, communicate, understand, and love them unconditionally. It is best never to compare your child with anyone as it might make them feel not enough for you. Teach them to appreciate little things in life, show them how to love themselves, and make them feel they are unique. Make them know you are always there for them.

Adora has taught me how to be patient, how much love I can give, and what sacrifices I can make to see her smile. Motherhood is a beautiful phase to delve into while learning so many new things no one ever taught you. So grab every little chance to be with your child as you would not get these moments back again. I pray that I can see my baby grow up as a young and beautiful girl, do crazy things, laugh as much as possible, cook together,  and be best friends. I wish to make her proud of me for being her mother.

My happiness is right here with me, and there’s nothing more I could ask for.

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