How I Increased My Breast Milk Supply

How I Increased My Breast Milk Supply

I had a C-section delivery. The time spent in the hospital was not that good. Everything was okay but I was not able to produce enough breast milk. But everyone including my doctor consoled me that it was fine and it would take a few days for my breast milk supply to increase.

I was discharged and I came back home from the hospital. In a day or two, I realized that the problem still persisted. I surfed the internet to check what I should eat and avoid. I started added cumin seeds to almost everything that I ate. In a few days time, I saw that my problem got resolved to an extent but still, my breast milk production was not enough for my baby. I consulted my doctor. She gave me certain medicines but even those did not help me.

Someone told me to get Shatavari powder, so I got that and started taking it. I used to spend a lot of time on the internet to find out things that would help me increase my breast milk supply. I came to know that fenugreek was helpful for producing more breastmilk. So I started drinking fenugreek tea on a daily basis. I continued to take all these things simultaneously. Obviously the quantity of my breastmilk increased but still, it was not satisfactory enough. I watched various videos on the internet for the same.

I learnt that one should increase water and fluid intake to produce more breastmilk. I even tried that. Lastly, I purchased a breast pump. On the first use, I was shocked to see a negligible quantity of my breastmilk. I felt so bad how I would fill my baby’s tummy. But as the breastmilk is totally based on demand and supply, I started feeding my baby more often and also used to pump between various feeding sessions. It really helped me a lot. Now I can say that I am producing just enough breastmilk for my baby, not excess not less. And I am content! I have also stopped the intake of cumin, Shatavari. and a liquid diet.

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