Pregnancy Care and Child Care – Why Both Are Important

Normally, we are least bothered about parenting a child under the age of 5, as we presume that he/she is just a child and let them enjoy their childhood. And we attach this statement – “It is not the right time” to impose discipline and restrictions of some kinds at a very early age for the child to understand what is good or bad.

My opinion about this is totally different from the majority of the parents in this matter. I think parenting begins with the conception and continues after delivery. An expecting mother has to follow a disciplined life during pregnancy to ensure it does not impact her child’s physical and mental growth.

Therefore, she will have a healthy diet, will exercise, and will think, read and even do activities that will bring about mental growth. Laying a foundation for the child’s personality to develop and last throughout his/her entire life is also important for her.

The true learning of the child starts in the womb. The child’s brain stores most of the knowledge indirectly through his mother, and it continues till he reaches the age of 2 years. After that, the brain retains knowledge at a slow speed.

An expecting mother has to take very good care of herself during pregnancy and try to avoid any kind of stress, anxiety or depression. Read lots of spiritual books, listen to meditation music, and practise simple yoga poses and pranayama. All these activities help you build the foundation for your child to become a good human being on this planet.

Here’s what I think is the right parenting approach.

If the child is under a year old, start describing him everything around him/her in detail, irrespective of this belief that he/she is not able to understand. Don’t worry; his brain listens to you. For example, the colour of an apple is red, and parents hardly put any focus on its colour. The result of this is preschoolers colour an apple with any colour of their choice. It means that parents are failing to follow the right parenting approach.

This way, the child losses the right age of learning the true colour of an apple. The consequence of this is that the teachers have to teach the true colour, which I think is a part of parenting, and even then, the preschoolers do not understand it easily. Because the right age to learn with ease is over, and the brain has stored the wrong way of colouring the apple and the child mix his retained wrong knowledge with the correct knowledge. Therefore, always speak right with your child so that he may not get confused later on.

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