Is Your Child Tensed Before the Maths Exam? - Here Are Some Stress-Buster Techniques!

Is Your Child Tensed Before the Maths Exam?- Here Are Some Stress-Buster Techniques!

When exams knock on your door, it’s common to be paranoid. Is your kid a math whiz or does she feel anxious at the mere mention of the word “Maths”? Does her heart begin to race when she’s given a maths question paper in his hand? Does she get sweaty palms while dealing with simple multiplication of 9s?

If this happens, your kid is suffering from something known as “Maths Anxiety”.

Let me tell you a story about a girl who happened to suffer from math anxiety as well.

There was a girl who feared maths so much, that she found studying maths no less than a horror. She trembled with fear while dealing with simple equations like 2*2,  4/2, 4:5, 1/2*2/3. The only concept of maths she understood was algebra. Time flew and she left maths after her tenth standard. That was the happiest moment of her life. It never crossed her path ever after that. Till Aug 2015.

She became a teacher after a few years and she was given class 2. The first day of her school as a teacher, second-lecture Maths. She felt that tremor in her life again but took a deep breath and taught the tiny tots, who were about to build their basics of maths.

She was scared that she might destroy the little ones’ basics. But she had the confidence in herself that made her teach them well. She taught the kids with lots of fun-filled activities and started enjoying teaching and learning maths.

After a few days, it was her first Parent-Teacher Meeting and parents met her and said, “Ma’am, the children are very happy with you, they especially enjoy your maths class a lot”.

That teacher, that girl who once feared maths is me.

So if I can teach maths and become the students’ favourite teacher, so can your kid give her maths exams without any stress.

Here are a few tips or stress-buster techniques you should tell your kid so that she scores a decent grade:

  1. Practice Questions: Try and try until you succeed. Practice makes you perfect.
  2. Always check your sums and answers: When you make a mistake, understand where you went wrong.
  3. Never say, you can’t do it: Try giving it a shot, try solving at least.
  4. Master the concepts you are most comfortable with: Like I was very good at algebra, so I mastered the technique. You can become the master of your favourite concept, be it Trigonometry, Geometry, anything.
  5. Don’t have a cloudy mind: Anxiety has a tendency to reduce focus. So don’t stress. You will not be able to focus and focus is necessary for maths.
  6. Create a strategy to solve a question.
  7. If you don’t know a problem, try solving the next one.
  8. Have a personal relaxation technique.
  9. Make an extra credit available: In case maths is not your cup of tea and you are scared of your percentage going down, think about other subjects where you can score a better grade and manage your percentage.
  10. You have all the support you need. With patience and perseverance, you can achieve anything. Be positive.
  11. Approach maths as a language and not a problem.
  12. Have sound sleep, relax your mind, listen to good music and have constructive breaks in between your schedule.

When after scoring a 29/100 in my second pre-board exams, I can score a 65/100, which is a decent score in my final boards with the above-given techniques, so can your kid.

Tell your child, “Just try and believe in yourself. You can succeed in anything you want to achieve.”

Note: Dear mommies please make your child read this or you can motivate him or her in your own way after you read this.

Please share more stress-buster techniques in the comment section.

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