My Experiences of Pregnancy – The Beginning of a New Journey

I got married in the year 2018, and within six months, I got pregnant. However, I was not mentally prepared for it. During the second month, I learned that this pregnancy would not bear fruit, as it was the case of a blighted ovum. Also known as anembryonic pregnancy, a blighted ovum is when an embryo stops developing, is resorbed, and leads to an empty gestational sac.

Due to this abnormality, I had to get aborted. Earlier it was so easy for me to say that I wasn’t ready for it, but later I realized how unfortunate I was. It was so heartbreaking for my family and me. However, it is believed that God doesn’t take away something from you without replacing it with something much better. Destiny planned something for me which I was completely unaware of. After two months of abortion, I got pregnant again.

My husband and I were happy yet worried due to our previous experience. Without any delay, we consulted a gynecologist for an immediate checkup. She got the tests done, recommended starting with the supplements, and asked me to wait for 10 days to see the baby’s growth. Those 10 days were so scary for me. I just kept on digging my old scan reports and prayed to God for a safe pregnancy. My husband and especially my mother-in-law supported me in those tough times. Finally, the day came when my first scanning was to be done. My heart was in my mouth when the doctor was conducting the ultrasound. She didn’t utter even a single word, and I was almost on the verge of tears. After a few minutes of examination, she made me listen to my child’s heartbeat for the first time.

That moment, the world around me seemed to halt. Nothing in the whole world sounded so happy, relaxing, and calming. I could see tears of joy in the eyes of my husband. It was the start of a new and exciting journey for the two of us.

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