Our Kids Will Learn to Take Care of Us When We Take Care of Our Elders

Our Kids Will Learn to Take Care of Us When We Take Care of Our Elders

In many cases, when kids get a successful career, they forget their aging parents. The kind of life you give to your parents comes back to you as a result of your karma. Your child learns from your actions, so do good to others to receive the good back. You should treat your parents the way you would want your child to treat you in the future.
Life is a cycle, and the path is very clear; if you do good to your parents, you will definitely be happy and peaceful throughout the rest of your life.

Also, it is important to be good at heart and take care of both your parents and your in-laws.   A daughter-in-law or a son-in-law must consider their in-laws to be like their parents and treat them with equal love and care. It can change the world to a better place, and no elderly would ever require to stay at old-age homes in the last few years of their life, away from close ones. I request all readers not to wait for the world to change, rather, to be the change you would want to see in the world. Your action can change the lives of millions. God will take care of you and ensure you get lots of happiness in return for your good actions.

I am a mother of a 6-month-old girl – my little princess. As a mother, I want to set myself as an example to teach my baby how to be a good person. My in-laws are like parents; I love and respect them the same way I do for my parents. They also love me as their daughter. My baby is growing up in such a positive atmosphere, and I am very hopeful that she will learn from it. She will grow up to become a good daughter and a caring daughter-in-law for us and her in-laws. One good action today can lead to millions of good actions in the future; the choice is yours!

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